How to Become an Expert BDC Automobile Dealership

While your sales and service teams may do an excellent job of greeting customers and establishing a rapport with them at the dealership, the subsequent follow-up may be lacking.


Also, prospective customers who have not yet decided to visit your store require prompt, individualized attention. Digital natives, like Gen Z, are more familiar navigating online. This is where a high-quality BDC at your auto dealership can play a crucial role in bridging the gaps.


What is a BDC at an automobile dealership?

A BDC (business development center) is a group of customer service agents who handle both outbound and incoming inquiries for your service and/or sales departments.


This is a distinct department that supports the success of your sales and service teams.


Why is a BDC so Crucial?

A BDC is essential for a car dealership because preparing customers for the transaction is a customer service function. Not always are your greatest closers also your best openers. Additionally, they are not always available to assist the customer from the beginning to the conclusion of their journey.


In light of this, having a separate team to warm up your consumers can be beneficial for pre-sale, during-sale, and post-sale customer retention efforts.


Five Elements of an Effective BDC for Your Automobile Dealership

1) Time management and volume.

What days and times do you require coverage? Examine your current personnel and identify any potential coverage gaps. Consider your consumers with non-standard schedules, who may attempt to reach you outside of business hours. These customers also require attention. And an always-on chat could facilitate their erratic schedules.


What does your volume appear like? You’ll want to know what you can reasonably expect your dealership’s BDC team to be able to manage, as well as the minimum number of BDC agents you’ll need to help field your inbound opportunities, whether they’re for car sales or service appointments. This moves us to the following point!


2) The size of the team and their location of employment.


Once you have determined the size of your BDC team, you can consider the location of your automotive BDC. Certainly, you could have them on-site. In recent years, however, remote and hybrid customer service positions have become available.


There are numerous advantages to these labor opportunities.


One, you can save space inside your automotive dealership. There is less to consider regarding where your BDC agents will be stationed, so you can utilize that space for other purposes.


Two, you can significantly expand your candidate pool. With access to reliable internet and the ability to use computers and phones from anywhere, a remote position will attract a much larger talent pool.


Third, you can more sensibly stagger your team’s schedule, as they will not have to worry about commuting and will be better able to manage a midday or evening shift.


3) Positions within your automobile’s BDC.


Now is the time to consider the focus of your BDC and the responsibilities of each BDC agent. Specialize your BDC by segmenting the roles’ responsibilities. Will you be a sales-focused BDC or a service-focused BDC? How about both?


For both incoming and outgoing conversations, will the same individuals be responsible? Or, will you create specialized roles for agents who excel at warming up incoming consumers as opposed to generating cold leads?


Keep in mind that your agents are NOT salespeople. This is a customer service position, not a telephone sales staff. Consider candidates with extensive experience in customer service who are conversant in quality conversation. This department is distinct from that of marketers and service writers/advisors.


The BDC provides customer service.


4) Consider post-sale and post-service maintenance of reputation.


Retaining repeat consumers is essential for long-term financial health and stability. Consider educating your top agents to conduct post-sale and post-service outreach to maintain your dealership’s prominence in the future. These are not prospective consumers; they are previous customers who will receive special consideration for their continued loyalty.


Your service customers, and customers in general, are busy individuals. Significant factors in recurrent business and dealership loyalty include being reminded of appointments, presented with current offers, and made to feel truly cared for outside of the services provided.


5) BDC Equipment.


Certainly not least! Consider the necessary equipment to make the BDC as effective as feasible. You’ll want BDC software that integrates well with your CRM for the most efficient lead management if you’re using it. Your service department will appreciate the fluidity of being able to view newly scheduled service appointments, and your sales team will greatly value receiving sales appointments.


In addition, ensure that your BDC has lovely, functional phones, semi-recent computers, and an excellent Internet connection. Today, the internet is essential to business.


How Do You Measure the Success of Your BDC?

Well, that depends on you! Are you seeking to increase your number of appointments, total sales, and CSI scores? All of the preceding? The best aspect of a successful BDC is that it promotes expansion in all of these areas.


Determine what is most essential to you, establish a timeline, and make adjustments along the way to achieve continued success!


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