How to be a better business partner: Goodbye, Bad Business Practices

When our adventure began years ago, the objective was to forge strong bonds not only with dealers but also with other vendors who shared SimpSocial’s principles. A consistent message was presented during conversations and product demonstrations in the hopes that people would see the benefits of our offering and spread the word about it. When we collaborate with like-minded people who share our goals, we anticipate positive outcomes. A few years ago, I still held the same convictions; now, our network is still expanding enormously, and our purpose has not changed.


 Successful Networking


 The effectiveness of your network’s references to you or your company when speaking to present and future clients is what matters most when it comes to networking, not how many people you know. This merely indicates that others share your beliefs; it does not imply that money must be exchanged. Being dependable will help you and your partners develop a strong sense of trust. A strong and lasting relationship is built on a mutual commitment to a common objective and the development of trust.


 Here is an illustration of a demo created for a Facebook group. I met this group through networking. I leaped at the chance to share accurate information about our goods and services, and the fact that it was then followed up with a Facebook shoutout made the experience much more fun!


Prolonged Growth

 This is a strategy for upstream marketing. It is a long-term strategy for the business that takes the future and how the enterprise will be reflected in the future into account. You won’t see the results of your marketing right away, so it also takes a lot of effort and patience. By collaborating effectively as a team, you keep your message constant for the client and the network. Likewise, it’s crucial to cultivate these connections. Someone is considerably more likely to think of you when opportunities emerge if you are always on their minds. The upstream result of this process is SimpSocial.


 Success Need Not Be an Alone Experience


We have always valued the fact that our suppliers endorse our goods to their clients with the same level of assurance that we do. One such instance involves InteractiveTel, Inc., a business with which we integrate. When the client mentioned having CRM problems, they were still working with the client at the time. The dealer was advised by InteractiveTel to look at SimpSocial and ask for a demo. We are always grateful for the influence other automotive industry experts have in introducing clients to us and making that first contact.

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