How TikTok Can Enhance Your Online Presence

TikTok is replacing Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat as the preferred platform for businesses to advertise their products and services. With over 3 billion downloads and 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has rapidly become one of the leading video-sharing social platforms. The app’s algorithm evolves with the user, and the machine learning system tracks what they view and interact with to create the ideal user experience: the more TikTok is used, the better the experience.


How does TikTok advertise?

TikTok advertisements are everything that networks television commercials aspire to be: concise, pertinent, non-disruptive, and engaging. The development of the app can be partially attributed to its user-friendly, native advertising format, with ads seamlessly blending with organic content on the “For You” feed. The greatest benefit of TikTok advertising and marketing is that it raises brand awareness, increasing your brand’s visibility and credibility while facilitating user engagement.


How will TikTok benefit my company?


1. First-Mover Advantage

Businesses with early adoption of TikTok have a competitive advantage over their peers. Possibilities for cultivating profound customer engagement and unrivaled brand awareness are limitless due to the lack of precedent and abundance of creative options.


2. Mobile-First Infrastructure

Businesses are shifting to a mobile-first marketing mentality, and TikTok is an excellent method to reach more than 2.7 billion unique mobile users worldwide. TikTok was designed with the mobile experience in mind, providing it an advantage over the billions of mobile devices that are used daily. Native ad placements generate engagements and target in-market users, thereby boosting conversion rates.


3. Low Effort, High Payoff

There is a very low barrier to entry for launching a TikTok advertising campaign, which translates to highly effective campaigns with minimal effort. To create quality content, all you need is a smartphone. You can concentrate on locating consumers who are relevant to your niche and posting content that aligns with your brand’s image with minimal investment.


Increasing Age Groups

As the TikTok platform has become more ubiquitous, its user base across all generations has grown significantly. By 2022, 72% of all TikTok users will be between the ages of 19 and 39. Utilizing TikTok to target the younger demographic that is interested in your products can be advantageous to your business and increase your overall number of leads.


5. Increased Organic Reach

TikTok is distinguished from other platforms by its greater organic reach and overall user engagement. This is due to the algorithm’s emphasis on hyper-curating the feed based on each user’s specific interests. It also relates to the average amount of time spent on the site and the daily quantity of content consumed on the app. Users in the United States spend an average of 68 minutes per day on the application. The watch ability and shareability of TikTok content also increase website traffic, making it an ideal platform for expanding your audience and generating consistent leads.


6. Viral Possibility

By participating in popular trends, employees of your business can utilize the platform to increase the likelihood of creating viral content. TikTok enables you to exhibit your business’s personality and brand through viral challenges, customer testimonials, and product highlights.


Using TikTok for Business Promotion

TikTok has limitless, unrealized potential and opens the door to additional video opportunities for your business and industry as a whole.  The game of short-term, consumable content has just advanced. Are you all set?


Click Here Digital has experience with TikTok advertising. We are pleased to be the pioneers in this industry and are actively collaborating with TikTok representatives to remain abreast of the latest developments. Contact us to start promoting TikTok advertisements for your business!


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