How Should the Customer Experience at the Dealership Be?

The client experience of today extends far beyond face-to-face communication.


Given that Gen Z, also known as digital natives, is an emerging generation of automobile customers who were essentially reared by technology, a new route other than coming through the front door needs to be taken into consideration to satisfy these distinct customer expectations.


Furthermore, as a result of the pandemic, a lot of people began to realize how practical and easy it was to communicate with businesses online.


bolster The Customer Experience at Your Digital Dealership

This naturally entails providing a digital choice. One important term to note is “option.” Consumers enjoy having options and the freedom to try new things. They are reassured in a passive way by the possibility of doing that activity, even if they decide not to!


Giving customers more freedom to choose their own path and make decisions on what to do next depending on what’s best for their scenario results in the most amazing customer experiences!


Tallwave, a customer experience design company, published a report titled 2021 Data-Driven Insights Into Evolving Customer Experience that continues, saying:


“Now More Than Before, Hybrid Experiences Are Important…


After COVID-19 ends, more than half of the respondents stated they would like to resume in-person interactions. This demonstrates the necessity of integrating digital and physical retail interactions to provide a single, seamless experience that fosters consumer involvement, value realization, and greater brand attachment. Agility PR Solutions is the source.


A Hybrid Customer Experience Is Stellar

Customers now expect a smooth and customized experience everywhere they purchase, even when buying a car, thanks to the rise of the digital era. Purchasing a car is undoubtedly not a straightforward, instantaneous decision, like purchasing something on Amazon.


However, in a world where technology is omnipresent and things change quickly, it’s becoming more and more crucial to make online purchasing simple and digital.


I think about Carvana.


However, they almost went too far in the opposite direction with their entire procedure, failing to take into account any more steps the consumers might need to take in addition to driving their vehicle in the future. Dealerships frequently have their own maintenance and repair facility. Carvana is unable to claim to provide that!


Not to add, completing the car-buying procedure in person saves a lot of back-and-forth throughout an extremely complicated process and offers the consumer tangible assurance!


Carvana Made At Least One Accurate Decision…

Nonetheless, Carvana was successful in upending the car business and shedding light on consumers’ perceptions of the dealership experience and what it should do for customers on their individual customer journey.


Let’s concentrate on the top 5 elements that, in our opinion, each modern dealership customer experience ought to have, with an emphasis on the digital offerings.


Five Digital-Age Dealership Customer Experience Offerings


1) Individualization

Even in the digital age, customers ought to feel like they are receiving individualized attention. Think about making an investment in digital tools that enable customization, like a real-time online live chat platform that can share a customer’s joy when purchasing a car, respond to their inquiries in real-time, and ease any worries they may have before doing business with your auto dealership.


Consumers want customization. Restating what the client requested or providing a personalized, engaging response that demonstrates dependability and empathy is sufficient to reassure them that they are receiving assistance from a real person.


2) Openness

Dealerships should be honest about everything, including pricing and financing options, since customers want to know exactly what they are getting when they make a purchase (within reason, of course). This entails posting information that is simple to locate and comprehend on the dealership’s website, such as financing choices, pricing calculators, and thorough descriptions of every vehicle that is currently in stock.


Using a reliable digital retailing solution is one method a dealership can accomplish this. There are tons of options, and SimpSocial collaborates with a good number of them! In addition to those digital retailing platforms for automobiles, we provide personal guidance.

Customers may become so irate during their buyer’s journey that they decide to give up on the financing procedure. Transparent information provided by the DR tool combined with human advocacy results in more deals being completed with assurance!


3) Practicality

Consumers don’t want to spend hours at a dealership because they are busy people. We live in a time of quick messaging, same-day Amazon delivery, and supermarket delivery. Although the objective is to attract a consumer into your financial office, this is the perfect moment to become more digitally flexible.

This includes digital signatures on documents, online finance applications, and even virtual test drives.


Offering a sliding scale to customers regarding their required level of pre-sale engagement with the dealership can prove to be extremely beneficial. Respecting their time is quite crucial as it might help you stay at the top of their thoughts and be ready for more purchases.


4) Participation

Dealerships should encourage customers to feel enthusiastic about their purchases. This can entail producing interesting video material that highlights the newest products or providing virtual tours of the dealership. Dealerships could also develop interactive games or quizzes to assist clients in selecting the ideal vehicle. Take into account any opportunity to interact with customers, and go where they are!


You might also think about launching a TikTok account for your dealership or improving your social media presence. With over 1 billion monthly users, TikTok offers a potentially viral platform for fun car-buying content creation, which can help you engage clients in your local area.


5) Reactivity.

Whether they contact us through chat or online message, email, social media, or phone, customers anticipate receiving prompt answers to their questions. Dealerships ought to spend money on digital solutions that facilitate quick and effective communication. Customers will feel appreciated and the dealership will gain a solid reputation for providing exceptional customer service as a result.


This also applies to answering reviews found online. Proactive and genuine caring in addressing consumer concerns is demonstrated by prompt and customized responses to online reviews. Your reputation as a whole includes your online persona. A month later, a canned response could be worse than none at all. This blog contains an assessment of the best dealership review response guidelines.


Fulfill and surpass client expectations to foster a stronger sense of loyalty

The customer experience at a modern dealership need to be responsive, transparent, easy to use, individualized, and engaging. Dealerships can differentiate themselves from the competition by concentrating on these important areas and utilizing the newest digital technologies.


It’s time to embrace the digital era and elevate your client experience, whether you run a dealership or are a car buyer!

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