We examine the methods your buyers use to investigate cars, and we offer our best advice for getting their attention.

How are consumers adjusting to these changes as we go toward a more and more digital world, and does this have an impact on how they buy cars? Despite the difficulties the auto industry is facing, the new and used car markets are still showing no signs of slowing down.


Is internet auto sales the way of the future? We examine the effects of a digital economy and pose the crucial question: How do consumers research cars before making a purchase? Contrary to what you might believe, the material on your website could have a more significant impact on consumer automobile buying behavior.


How do shoppers look for cars?


One thing is for certain about us Americans: we love doing our research before making major purchases like cars. Not that we’re anything like anals, but we do like to ensure that we’ve gotten a deal and the greatest motor for our money.


According to our partners at AutoTrader, consumers spend the majority of their time researching a new automobile online; 59% of this time is spent browsing the internet in an effort to find their ideal car at the best possible price.


The fascinating thing to note in this situation is that a significant portion of customers trying to buy a new or used automobile are actually unsure about the make or model of the vehicle, making them extremely receptive to persuasion. From a dealer’s perspective, this is a tremendous chance to market inventory and increase the likelihood of closing a deal.


50% of recommendations come from family and friends.


Reading client testimonials = 44%


Investigating websites = 38%


conversing with sales executives = 36%


Getting suggestions from authorities and influencers = 36%


30% of watching video reviews


It is obvious that when buying a car, recommendations from friends and family have the most influence. This naturally leads to the strength of internet reviews, which we’ve touched on in our blog post regarding their significance. It’s definitely worth reading!


Age also has a significant impact on the car-buying process for consumers, highlighting the importance of family and friend trust in the 55+ age group. In fact, customers in this category are less likely to watch video reviews when deciding which automobile to buy, preferring instead to ask their friends and family for recommendations.


Unsurprisingly, automobile purchasers between the ages of 18 and 24 prefer to watch video reviews on social media sites like YouTube and TikTok, with 42% of consumers using visual cues to guide their decisions.


Since most people buy products with their eyes, a quality video review—whether it comes from a member of the public, an influencer, a professional in the automotive business, or the dealership itself—will enable prospective customers to virtually take a test drive. Consider this the ‘pre-test drive’ stage; based on the statistics, it’s not to be taken lightly.


What elements influence a consumer’s decision to purchase a car?


In what is known as the “discovery phase,” there are undoubtedly elements that can and will influence the choice a car buyer makes. According to search engine juggernaut Google, a staggering 92% of automobile purchasers conduct their preliminary research online. That is a tremendous amount of potential website traffic.


According to the data Google has, when people are shopping for a car, they take into account factors like pricing, features, and how well a vehicle fits into their lifestyle before comparing them to pick the ideal option. When it comes to pre-purchase research for cars, Google has noticed a significant increase in the value of video material.


What elements, therefore, influence a consumer’s decision to buy a car? The data-gathering organization Statista has identified the following 10 criteria as having the greatest impact on US automobile buyers’ choices:


60% fuel efficiency


Security = 53%


Possibility of daily use = 49%


Low cost + 46%


Superiority = 38%


Comfortable driving = 38%


35% for design


Excellent customer service and warranty = 32%


Largeness = 31%


Environmental sensitivity = 23%


Unsurprisingly, when looking for a new or used car, fuel efficiency is considered to be the most significant criterion. Many motorists look for solutions to the rising cost of living, one of which is to cut their weekly spending on gasoline or diesel.


Of course, a vehicle’s suitability comes first for prospective purchasers before safety, which is consistent with Google’s statistics on lifestyle preferences. As a vehicle dealership, it is crucial that you consider these ideas and take them into account when selling your inventory online.


How crucial is a website when doing research before buying a car?


What we need to keep in mind is that many prospective automobile purchasers feel uneasy entering a showroom before deciding what to buy. The first interaction a potential customer will have with your company is probably going to be through your website, whether they are worried about a sales-pressure environment or a lack of vehicle knowledge.


It’s no secret that websites with integrated plugins and e-commerce solutions that link customers with cars offer significantly more value to visitors. Never undervalue the power of visitor chat features; they give dealerships a tremendous chance to enhance the overall client experience right away. This is because it’s crucial to consider how long it takes to answer a customer’s inquiry and should never be disregarded.


Let’s examine the available data. In the US, dealerships often react to email inquiries after more than nine hours. In contrast, an integrated visitor chat pop-up tool can provide an immediate response. During a car buyer’s research process, this might mean the difference between a potential sale and a missed chance.


Websites for auto dealers that convert


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