How Google Vehicle Ads Are Increasing Sales at Car Dealerships

Learn how the Google Vehicle Ad (VA) Program is being used by SimpSocial to assist dealers in selling more cars in 2023 and beyond.


We’re convinced that in 2023, Google Vehicle Ads (VAs), which are currently a hot issue in the automotive industry, will play a significant role in helping dealers outperform their rivals.


Today, we’d like to reveal 3 incredibly straightforward strategies that Google VAs are using to provide dealers in North America an advantage over their rivals. We comprehend how intimidating something new might sometimes be. We’re here to fill the information gap, handle the grunt work, and keep you as informed as we can.


Three Easy Ways Google VAs Can Increase Your Car Sales


1. Paid advertisements are essential for getting clients to visit your dealer website. However, Google virtual assistants (VAs) assist you in casting a larger net throughout the internet to attract more potential clients without first directing them to your website or building brand authority. Your Google VAs make it simple for people to locate you if you have the vehicle they’re looking for!


2. By appearing in more places, Google VAs can assist you in selling more cars. With a 20-mile radius, you might be getting excellent leads, but what if you increased it to 30 miles? even more? To enhance the amount of prospective buyers interested in your autos, we can target various geographic regions.


You might be thinking, “But doesn’t this already apply to my paid advertisements? Don’t I already have geographic targets in mind?


Okay, sure. However, the key distinction with Google VAs is that you’re promoting specific inventory rather than just generic services or goods, which increases the likelihood that these ads will have a higher conversion rate as your geographic reach expands.


3. You may choose where and to whom your ads are shown thanks to Google VAs. Customers who enter particular search terms will be shown vehicles that are currently available for sale in your inventory. The customer will see your truck up front and center if they search for a red 2020 RAM 1500 and you just so happen to have a red 2020 RAM 1500 in your inventory.


SimpSocial Aids You in Harnessing Existing Demand for Google VAs


Let’s increase auto sales in 2023! We perform more than only creating and hosting dealer websites or giving dealerships inventory management solutions. Having worked in the automotive sector for many years, we are specialists in developing solutions that help our dealer partners reach new heights.

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