How Dealers Can Turn Auto Shoppers into Buyers

After attracting new customers to your dealership, you need automotive digital marketing tools to convert them into purchasers.


To satisfy customers, dealers must increase customer service and communication. Implementing the right technology will improve the customer experience and help your organization grow.


Online engagement will help your dealership sell. Technology can help with pandemic-exacerbated labor shortages.


Dynamic 24/7 lead response, AI chat, personalized videos, top inventory merchandising sites, and online credit prequalification are essential automobile digital marketing methods.


AI lead response software generates customized quotations.


Customers like ongoing communication and rapid responses. It’s the best method to keep customers coming back. AI handles these responses and follows up on leads promptly and routinely.


The SimpSocial Response Logix solution boosts your dealership’s visibility and customer experience to sell more cars.


Kia of Alhambra sought a simple way to reply to leads online and follow up with prospective car purchasers. Response Logix from SimpSocial helped the California auto dealership close more internet leads and never miss a lead during employee changes.


Kia of Alhambra’s general manager claimed Response Logix helps quote all internet leads and improves follow-up. “Many reactivated leads!”


Response Logix automatically replies to leads within 10 minutes 24/7, making it essential to automobile digital marketing. Due to inventory shortages, the technology emails a quote with numerous new and used vehicle selections and the vehicle car customers inquired about.


AI-powered chatbots convert more leads.


Your website, Facebook page, and text message AI chat helpers offer the finest first impression by answering numerous initial queries. Your dealership needs AI to answer qualifying questions, make appointments, and direct conversations to the right team member when human support is needed.


Brown’s Fairfax Nissan wanted to boost lead volume and conversion rates through messaging.SimpSocial  Response Path helps the Virginia car dealership engage customers 24/7 and increase leads from their website and Facebook page.


Brown’s Fairfax Nissan’s general manager said Response Path improves customer service and leads capture and conversion. “Response Path is helping us book appointments with car buyers and service customers, and our closing ratio is 31%.”


Response Path enhances your automotive digital marketing solutions by engaging customers and converting more leads 24/7. AI optimizes your dealership.


Video-engage customers


Easy-to-use video lead engagement technology records sends and monitors videos so your dealership can communicate with customers and display your brand in the most favored medium.


Online research and communication have increased consumer video viewing. Learning the best video methods to sell and service more is crucial.


70% of people prefer watching a brief video to learn about a new product or service, and 78% watch web videos weekly. Record product characteristics, safety measures, and special offers with your tech-savvy personnel or a trusted partner like SimpSocial.Custom videos are great for email and text marketing in automobile digital marketing.


Muller Honda of Gurnee wanted to easily record a sales event video. Video Logix and Response Path Power Text texted over 20,000 customers the video link. One video link sold five automobiles at the Chicago dealership. Text drove thousands of video views.


“It was simple. Easy setup. The Muller Honda of Gurnee marketing manager claimed everything was easy.


Boost inventory management


Automotive digital marketing should include inventory merchandising. Posting your automobiles on YouTube, Facebook, BestRide, and Google will attract targeted buyers and improve customer engagement.


Despite inventory pricing and sourcing issues, you must efficiently package your autos to new car buyers. These top sites will help your auto dealership surpass sales targets and improve customer service.


SimpSocial optimizes SEO on YouTube’s second-largest search engine by creating VIN-specific videos for each vehicle in your inventory. Your digital marketing solutions need high-quality films since 75% of auto consumers claim internet video influences their shopping behavior.


Facebook Marketplace updated recently. SimpSocial may promote your new and used automobile inventory on Facebook. 73% of automobile buyers use Facebook the most. Real-time virtual showrooms display vehicle inventory on your business page.


Dealers can also advertise their vehicles on through SimpSocial. Eighty-six percent of auto purchasers use’s interactive business-to-consumer marketplace and buy a car within two weeks.


Google Business Profiles should include live vehicle inventory. Your Google profile should have updated discounts, hours, and vehicle inventory as 8 out of 10 consumers don’t visit on your website. SimpSocial automatically posts your dealership’s live vehicle inventory, saving your staff time and effort.


Simplify buying.


Prequalify car purchasers online so they know what they can buy.SimpSocial Credit Logix eliminates guessing and speeds up the buying process for all consumers, including those with bad credit.


Royal Automotive Group converted 60% with Credit Logix. Arizona dealer’s car digital marketing solutions depend on credit tool. Why bother selling an unaffordable car?


Royal Automotive’s marketing manager remarked, “Our deals fund faster with our approval time down to 18-23 minutes. “Our average subprime buyer conversion increased from 30% to 60%. Our sales doubled.”


SimpSocial sales enablement team and solutions can help manage all these tools and strategies. Today’s market makes hiring and managing leads difficult, but the appropriate technology and people can convert dealers’ sales and service prospects.


McClinton Chevy Mitsubishi boosts sales, cuts costs, and solves personnel issues with SimpSocial Sales Boost. Sales Boost handles inbound internet leads, outbound calls, and sales and service appointment scheduling for the West Virginia dealership.


“We’re selling more cars and exceeding our sales goals with SimpSocial,” said McClinton Chevrolet Mitsubishi’s major owner. “Their technology and team handle all our inbound leads, delivering great results daily.”

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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