How Can Texting Help Your Business? Texting for Collection Agencies

How Can Texting Help Your Business? Texting for Collection Agencies

Is there such a thing as texting for debt collectors? Yes, we concur! You might not have considered texting as a new and effective means of communication. So, how might texting assist you in reaching out to contacts in a timely, cost-effective manner? Text Messages are a great way to get in touch with people. Why not utilize text messages to connect with clients, vendors, and partners? You probably already send text messages to friends and family, so why not use them for business? You could send the following texts as examples of collection-related texts:

“Just a friendly reminder that your Douglas County Municipal Services payment is due in full in 3 days.”

“For judicial services, Jacksonville Legal has asked for payment. To view your billing details, click on this link.” Text messages may help you communicate messages to vendors and clients faster and for less money, no matter what they are.

Reminders that pop up on a regular basis

Maybe you need to send messages to partners or contacts on a regular basis. Consider using recurring reminders instead of creating that message every time, which wastes time and resources. You can use them to generate and schedule messages for a specific date, such as two days before a payment is due. Do you send out invoices on the 15th of every month? You can schedule a recurring reminder for the 13th; the’relative’ send time is two days before the event. However, you have complete freedom to personalize it.

Short codes and keywords

Many companies require collection assistance but are unsure where to begin or have a misunderstanding of how the industry operates. Encouraging people to text your keyword to a short code will help you attract these potential clients, allowing you to explain how you work and possibly retain them on a long-term basis. To send messages, SimpSocial customers dial a short code, such as 67076. Our clients rent keywords, and when people text that term into a short code, the message is delivered to the client’s inbox. Consider using printed materials, website copy, or a Facebook post like this to capture people’s attention “Assist your customers in being paid! Get free collections advice from Christine’s Financial Services by texting COLLECTIONTIPS to 67076.” The keyword is COLLECTIONTIPS, the short code is 67076, and your free consultation offer is an offer for new business.

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