How Can Texting Help You With Your Voice Strategy?

How Can Texting Help You With Your Voice Strategy?

Texting’s Benefits
Nothing beats text messaging for ensuring that your message is received. Texting is the most reliable technique to get in front of your customers’ eyes, with a 98 percent open rate. If you’re trying to reach out to Millennials, who prefer to text rather than converse, texting can be extremely useful.

What SMS Texting Is Good For

Texting is the ideal way to transmit a brief message (160 characters or less) that has to be read quickly. Texting can be useful in a variety of situations that you may not have considered:

Sending a text message to a group of people is a terrific method to let them know about a promotion, update, special offer, or event.

Let clients know when their deliveries have arrived by sending delivery confirmations.

HR Notifications – Make sure employees are aware that it is time to report their hours or that a resume has been received from a job seeker.

Texting and SimpSocial Voice Products: How Do They Work Together?

While SMS can be used on its own, it may also be used to supplement your existing marketing, customer service, and operational strategies:

Consider offering callers the option of receiving more information by text message if you utilize an IVR to route and receive calls.

Consider sending text messages instead of Voice Broadcast alerts, especially for shorter messages and emergency notifications.

Consider adding text functionality to your phone number if you utilize Call Tracking to catch prospects that prefer to text.


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