How Can Dealerships Benefit from Apple Business Connect?

Apple Business Connect is one of the most recent enhancements made available to iOS customers. This unique tool might be exactly what you need to launch, develop, and bolster the brand presence of your company. We delve into everything there is to know about Apple Business Connect below. We’ll discuss potential advantages and recommended practices as well, so you can make the most of your experience.


Apple Business Connect: What Is It?

The free Apple Business Connect portal exists to assist you in building your brand presence across Apple ecosystem hubs. It was designed to serve as a business “hub” for iOS users. Customers will be able to connect with you using a number of iOS network services, such as Maps, Siri, and Apple Wallet. Additionally, you’ll be able to design fresh occasions or limited-time deals specifically for members of a target market, giving you (yet another) channel for connecting with potential customers.


The advantages of Apple Business Connect for auto dealers

Using Apple Business Connect to expand your dealership’s presence has a lot of advantages. Some of the most notable are listed below:


1. Marketing Insights To Aid Business Growth

You’re sure to enjoy the user-friendly tracking that comes standard with the “Insights” option of the Apple Business Connect tools if you frequently update and use your dealership’s Google Business profile and respect its insightful information. With just a few simple touches, you can check click-through rates, track incoming traffic, find out where prospects came from, and access more intricate data and analysis. You can view information on how many users used your ABC profile to call, visit, or get directions using the “Action Button Module” feature.


Direct Outreach Alternatives

Did you know that by 2023, there will be more than 1.5 billion active iPhone users? This means that you can interact more easily with people in your target market.


3. Innovative, Special Advertising Options

By using the Apple Business Connect tool, you can quickly create special offers using the Showcases tool. What’s best? Entry barriers are negligible to nonexistent. Your user experience can incorporate simple actions (like Call Now or Visit Website), putting you one click away from a potential conversion. Remember that only one showcase can be active at a time.


Using Apple Business Connect in 2023: Best Practices

Are you trying to figure out the best way to use Apple Business Manager? Here are some ideas from our marketing professionals:


Log on, then confirm. Even though any company can sign up, Apple does have a quick enrollment process that verifies your eligibility and sets you up for success in the following stage, which involves choosing the administrator and subsequent hierarchy to link your company to.

Refresh all business data. For sustained brand awareness and advocacy, it’s important to be as relevant to your audience as you can. Keeping your data as current as you can enables you to seize every click and conversion opportunity.

Make a “limited-time offer.” You won’t want to start your ABC without any supplies. Instead, create a launch offer that enables you to explore platform best practices and view the complete range of trackable KPIs. As a result, you might even see a conversion!

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