How Being a Trusted Advisor Helps Us Maximize Dealership Advertising



The percentage of dealerships’ total ad spending allocated to digital advertising has grown from 25% to 53% over the last five years. Auto dealers must now spend as efficiently as possible to optimize return on ad spend (ROAS) as digital wallet share of wallet continues to rise. Together with our partners, we carry out these three actions:


* Formulating proactive suggestions using attribution data and high impact performance insights


* Smarter conquest with unified, multi-channel digital advertising campaigns


* Putting into practice a hyper-targeted digital advertising strategy based on market and corporate objectives


Three ways we act as a reliable advisor:


* Take the lead in the conversation: In order to pinpoint areas for improvement and identify strengths, we compare campaign success to the main dealership goals prior to each performance meeting. We don’t avoid underperforming advertisements or networks; instead, we see them as chances to get better the following month.


* Discuss solutions: When presenting options or change, establish value and confidence. Track campaign adjustments, creative/copy modifications, and performance. looking at the website, any social media accounts, and the dealership’s Google My Business listing. In what way do they portray themselves? What is their brand as a professional? How many clicks is it need to access important information?


* Use your creativity to generate fresh concepts and new projects. Answer the question, “How do we create the next level of value for this account?” in concert with your team. By asking for comments and observations regarding sales, traffic, and workplace difficulties, we involve the client in the discussion.


Naturally, there are numerous approaches in which we collaborate with our clients as dependable advisers to enhance their advertising efficacy and return on investment. Contact SimpSocial to find out more about our dealer advertising options.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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