How AutoSnapp Will Validate Customer Service by Showcasing Your Dealership’s Character

Look no further than AutoSnapp if you’re a dealership looking to show off your personality and transform it into customer service magic. This app enables dealership employees to take a photo or video directly from their phones and provide original content opportunities, ultimately improving customer connections and fostering social communities.


Read on to learn more about the app:


Describe AutoSnapp.

Simply put, AutoSnapp is a smartphone app that enables dealerships to build a social network and more effectively share the testimonials of their pleased customers, influencing potential customers in the future. The option to submit pictures and videos, a signing release form for clients and prospects, and an in-depth explanation of the car and its history are some of its important features.


The app, developed in 2015, employs a “behind the dealer” strategy to deliver interesting information and distinctive social situations. This not only gives dealerships a chance to showcase their personalities, but also helps them connect with clients in a fresh way, which promotes their customer service initiatives.


How Can Dealerships Use the App to Display Their Personality?

What starts out as a straightforward photo can soon develop into the ideal chance for a dealership to establish a customer-centric brand and highlight its distinctive personality. In the opinion of Tighler Petrongolo, SimpSocial’s social media coordinator, the software enables dealerships to be very creative and simply express their individuality. “This app allows dealerships to have employees and customers get together for a picture after their purchase, document a family picking up their new family car, and even use fun props for campaigns around the holidays!” she exclaimed. “There are countless options.”


But what actions must dealerships take to do this? An overview of how teams can utilize AutoSnapp is provided below:


Take a picture or a video: Dealerships can start producing material right away after downloading the app and getting their login details. Team members merely need to quickly take a photo or video and upload it. Videos from events and images from the inventory are two examples of compelling material. Just keep in mind that in order to get the perfect shot, you’ll need decent lighting, a clear view, and focused subjects.


Getting the customer’s signature is an important step. The content cannot be posted without the customer’s signature on a release agreement form. The picture and/or video cannot be shared without their permission.


Give an explanation: Tell the story of a client or potential client! The type and model of the car, its characteristics, the names of the buyers, the salesperson who helped close the deal, and any other significant information should all be included in the caption. Use the tagging feature as well, don’t forget.


How can AutoSnapp aid in social community building?

How does this all assist dealerships in proving their level of customer service? Sharing excerpts of customized material via social media can motivate potential consumers and provide a glimpse into their next purchasing journey, in addition to demonstrating how important their customers are. According to Petrongolo, “sharing the positive customer experiences along with a photo from the day they bought their vehicle tells potential consumers what the dealership’s customer service would look like for them. This demonstrates that the dealership can talk the talk and walk the walk if it is coupled with a testimonial from the customer.


When it comes to AutoSnapp, the options are practically limitless. With the use of the app, a dealership may communicate with clients in a novel way while also showcasing their personalities. What are you still holding out for? It only takes a click to access these features.


Get AutoSnapp for free right now!

Please feel free to download AutoSnapp for free right away if you’re curious to learn more. Both the software store and the Google Play store offer access to the software. To learn more about AutoSnapp, get in touch with SimpSocial right away!

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