How Auto Dealers Can Tap Social Media for Vehicle Demand

We’re discussing techniques for using social media to harness customer demand during a period of expansion.


Even though people are concerned about the rising cost of living, there is still a high demand for both new and used cars and this is anticipated to continue. Even while the auto business is continuously changing and dealers must take into account a variety of factors, no one is willing to publicly acknowledge that we are currently experiencing a recession, which has disrupted a number of supply chains. It’s the perfect moment to think about how “it’s more about harnessing the demand out there than worrying about the lack of it” because we know there is still a need for vehicles.


Many dealers find themselves faced with the question, “What do I do? How can I capitalize on this demand? In a situation like this, how should one stand out and speak up?


Although customer expectations are shifting, there is still a chance to stand out. Therefore, now is the ideal time for auto dealerships to discover how to harness the power of their brand, stand out from everyone else trying to accomplish the same goal, and, ultimately, benefit their customers. What a win-win situation!


Customers are paying more for their cars and searching for or waiting for the automobile of their dreams for weeks or even months as a result of chronic inventory shortages. However, some who don’t want to wait weeks or months for their preorders to arrive prefer to buy more easily accessible secondhand cars. Increased overall earnings for automakers and dealers, as well as record-breaking sales of automobiles before they ever arrive at the showroom, are the results of dealers achieving record profits from used inventory sales.


Dealers can take a few steps to maintain their competitive edge in their effort to understand how to manage the current vehicle demand. Here are some considerations that dealers should make in order to stay competitive in the market today!


The Use of Social Media to “Stand Out”


Whether you like it or not, social media has been a crucial component of every effective online presence and marketing strategy. In today’s social media-driven world, big businesses now recognize that a two-way communication strategy is the best approach to humanizing, legitimizing, and boosting their brand power. Treating a brand like a person and interacting with them is the best way to get consumers to open up and invest more in it. The most efficient and interesting way to do this is through social media websites. Customers are people, and people are amiable by nature. Cars are also driven by people. I believe you see what I mean!


Why Should Auto Dealerships Use Social Media?

A more pertinent query may be, “Who doesn’t use social media these days?!” If you haven’t already discovered it, you should be using social media since 4.48 billion individuals worldwide do so. There are probably buyers for your cars there. Get outside and talk to them!


The majority of pre-purchase research is done from behind a computer screen, and 62% of auto purchasers begin their search for a vehicle online. Additionally, social media influences 71% of consumer purchasing decisions, so auto dealerships should be active on platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.


Having a presence on social media by itself can:


  • Increase your trustworthiness and credibility


  • Draw in new customers


  • increase client loyalty


  • Boost traffic and sales


  • Increasing your social proof


  • to increase brand awareness


  • Promote your company’s values.


  • Locate Relevant Trends to Use


Dealerships must adapt to survive in a market that is continuously changing. For all dealers to continue operating successfully over the long term, they must “stand out.” TikTok has become a fantastic platform for trying new things and discovering uncommon chances to separate out from the crowd. While obtaining organic exposure to your videos and gaining viewers is great, riding a trend can give your films the boost they need.


Lacking inspiration? Try not to overthink it. Is a particular dance being performed by many people, for instance? With your team, perform a dance routine on or inside one of your vehicles! With TikTok usage at an all-time high, applying TikTok to boost sales at your auto dealership is a highly worthy concept. There are many wonderful ways to market your business and raise the visibility of your videos.


Make Your Dealership More Human


Reaching today’s consumers while dealing with this extraordinary upheaval poses a new set of challenges for manufacturers. To compete in the automobile sector, brands need to preserve their adaptability and make meaningful connections. Being innovative and at the forefront of change is crucial, and this cannot be emphasized enough. Brands need to be on social media, where their customers are if they want to compete for their attention and money.


Show the world that your vehicle lot is staffed by humans! We know that buyers still prefer to interact with auto dealers personally. You and your dealership may show that you’re more than just a place to buy automobiles through social media. Exposing the fact that you and your staff are actual individuals with unique personalities will help allay any “dealership dread” that potential consumers might be experiencing.


fostering positive customer relationships

Buying a new car is a big decision because individuals don’t typically make it on a whim. Before making a final choice, a buyer conducts a great deal of analysis and study (and that’s before the test drive even begins!). Automobile dealerships must build relationships with their clients and be accessible to them throughout the whole purchasing process if they want to differentiate themselves, outperform the competition, and attract new customers.


When deciding which dealership to buy from, there are numerous other aspects to take into account in addition to the car. Dealerships should make a great deal out of whatever unique selling points they have, such as a convenient location, an extended warranty, or insurance savings.


Think of another aspect of your dealership’s uniqueness: do you assist with out-of-province or out-of-state delivery? Do you have a stellar finance group? When people buy a car from you, do you give them free oil changes for a year? special offers at your dealership? beyond simply participating in the community? Consider what you can offer, and don’t be shy about sharing it with the audience.


Potential for Social Media Content

Assume you follow best practices for social media (excellent content, ideal video length, popular noises, and music). In that instance, your vehicle business has a decent possibility of getting a lot of attention. By indicating your location on the app or in your postings, you may also broaden your audience by allowing the algorithm to connect you with nearby potential clients. For your car dealership, creating original and interesting content can be a terrific strategy to expand on social media.


Additionally, it need not begin and end with the sale of automobiles; material may also be created for the parts and service departments of the dealership, which are typically the biggest contributors to your bottom line. The potential reach of social media sites like TikTok can potentially surpass the effectiveness and affordability of focused advertising efforts.


Always keep in mind that the objective of your social media campaigns shouldn’t be to earn money right away but rather to plant the seed that will make your company the first one customers think of when they need to buy or repair a car in the future. Social networking is becoming more of a long-term endeavor, but the rewards are worthwhile!



Social media may increase brand recognition, help attract new customers, and enhance brand loyalty so that customers refer you to friends and family who are also shopping for a new car. Being present on social media shows that a car dealership is doing well, humanizes the brand, and encourages people to follow you even if they don’t need a car right now (but they might in the future!).


Even if challenges for auto dealerships will always exist in the market, it is crucial to follow trends and take all reasonable measures to (morally) remain afloat. Additionally, every auto dealer needs to develop patience and consistency.


Whit, our director of demand generation, concludes by saying, “If I could have one marketing wish, it would be that everyone could have the patience to see the boring thing work. Because you’re willing to try it again after seeing how well the unsexy thing works.

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