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Are you utilizing this crucial tactic that your rivals are employing to attract more students? How much money do you spend on print advertising for your school? several hundred thousand bucks or more? You might be passing up a significant opportunity in digital marketing if you’re still purchasing the names of students who have expressed interest in a specific major or those who scored a certain amount on standardized tests. Your rivals are probably taking advantage of this opportunity to generate more leads with a smaller budget, increase enrollment, and boost profitability.


You can target students who are searching for YOU through digital marketing techniques like paid search, SEO, and email marketing. For instance, you may display Google Ads to prospective new students who are already looking at particular majors, scholarships, sports, and/or groups. You can even target particular areas or the brand phrases used by your rival college. Additionally, it’s possible that your rivals are already placing bids on your trademark terms! Let’s examine three scenarios in which your institution or university could benefit from digital marketing.


Creating leads

Increasing lead and conversion rates are the most obvious use of digital marketing to produce leads that are more likely to convert. Emma, a driven high school senior, is looking for a 3-year B.S. nursing program, for instance. She intends to remain in Western Pennsylvania. As a result, she opens Google and types “3-year nursing program in Pittsburgh.” She now notices an advertisement that directs her to University A’s website, where she finds the details of the nursing program that she is specifically seeking. She signs up after seeing re-marketing advertisements for a forthcoming University A’s nursing open house. She is currently logged into University A’s CRM system and is able to get email correspondence from the university.


Strategic Approach

Digital marketing can not only increase your lead generation, but it can also influence your college’s or university’s strategic orientation. For instance, you want to add a new major to your university in order to draw in more tech-savvy millennials. Prior to investing in marketing, staff, infrastructure, etc., you need to make sure that there is a sizable enough market for the program. You do test searches for degrees in robotics, computer security, and game design using digital marketing techniques like SEO and paid search. You decide to proceed with this new program after examining months’ worth of search inquiries and finding that the most popular category for searches is robotics programs.


Worldwide Recruitment

Without necessarily increasing your employee size or budget, digital marketing can increase your company’s global reach. Typically, tuition for international students is two to three times as much as for domestic students. Furthermore, they are not in need of financial aid from US institutions. Your budget will be easier to manage, and staff productivity will increase. Your foreign recruiters used to travel for weeks at a time to visit other countries’ high schools. When they get home, they find a mountain of overseas transcripts, requests for visas, and other paperwork. The workers can devote more time to other tasks because they travel less internationally.


Great data is produced by digital marketing, but you must use it. To see the ROI (more pupils), you must analyze your campaign’s performance and make tactical choices. A group of digital marketing gurus works together as SimpSocial, a full-service marketing firm. So let’s talk if you’re just getting started in digital marketing or if you want to discuss the prospects in your present efforts.

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