Having your cake and eating it, too, is not always possible.

Astute consumers take advantage of the fact that certain cars are more desirable than others. A lot of times, perfectly nice cars stay on the lot for a long time, waiting to be noticed by the proper customer. Finding the ideal car can be harder than ever in 2022 because there are still not enough cars on the road. However, you may still find a fantastic deal on a new or used automobile if you know what to search for.


Dark and WhiteYawn.


The majority of automobile buyers have monochromatic dreams. No, really, no. These are the two most in-demand hues, closely followed by silver and gray. The bulk of supply and demand is represented by neutral hues, although fewer common colors can result in a contract.


Because there may be less demand for a car in a less desired hue, like orange or tan, the dealership may be more inclined to offer a lower price. A dealership should try to clear out its inventory as soon as these less desirable automobiles arrive so that space may be taken up by vehicles that will be in higher demand and sell faster.


Unusual Choices


How about configurations of the vehicles? Find the rebels, the misfits, and the troublemakers. To put it another way, a unique set of features or tools might also result in a lot. It’s possible that an Audi with front-wheel drive is less appealing than one with quattro drive. The same holds true for a loaded 4×4 truck with a manual transmission and a standard cab. You might be able to win a lot of money if you don’t require the standard bells and whistles.


What should you avoid doing now that you know what to look out for? Automobiles featuring exclusive color and configuration options typically fetch a premium price on the market. Therefore, if you come across a car in a color that was created especially for the manufacturer’s 100th anniversary, temper your expectations.


Beauty Isn’t Everything


Manufacturers sometimes host sales events to get rid of their older models and make room for the newest ones when they release a new generation of their cars. Keep a close eye on the dates of vehicle launches because this only occurs once every few years. If you start looking for the previous generation model before its replacement is out, you might be lucky. Vehicles that are slated for discontinuation can employ a similar tactic.


Due to the divisive body shapes of some cars, many buyers look for alternatives. Whether it’s too aggressive or too square, astute consumers might profit from the conflicting opinions. Not sure how to get started? The Honda Clarity, Nissan Juke, and BMW 4 Series are a handful of the most notable automobiles. Even in a competitive market, you may be astonished by what you discover. And for the truly daring, used car buyers shouldn’t overlook the renowned Pontiac Aztek.


Unusual Returns


Dealers occasionally get trade-ins that they are unable to sell on their own lot. This might occur from the car being a different brand, being too old, or simply being in too bad of shape to be sold. The car usually ends up at auction when this occurs. You can take part in these auctions and possibly find the car you desire at the correct price if you have the patience and good fortune on your side.


Sometimes, if you’re really on your game, you can snag these trade-ins before the dealership reconditions them. Since the dealership won’t have to invest any money or time in getting the vehicle ready for sale, this is fantastic for buyers who don’t mind doing some work or taking care of maintenance and repairs themselves.


Under the Badge


One vehicle may have variations offered by multiple automakers; this approach, also known as “badge engineering,” may allow you to find an obscure vehicle with a more mainstream equivalent if branding is not a concern. Do you recall the VW Routan? Warning: beneath, it’s actually a Dodge Grand Caravan, and it was even made at the same facility.


You can take use of this information as a car buyer because lower brand loyalty may result in lower buying costs. People sometimes are unaware that automakers frequently swap platforms and parts with one another in order to save production costs. Many people know a Subaru WRX, but if they do some research, they’ll discover that the “Swedish” Saab 9-2x Aero is actually the same vehicle dressed differently.


What’s Within the Engine


An engine is referred to as a vehicle’s heart and soul. Additionally, purchasers can be very selective about the engines they choose when available. Due to the high demand for fuel-efficient options made feasible by hybrid and turbocharged models, the available inventory is significantly reduced. Finding a car with a less common engine, like a naturally aspirated engine or a gas-guzzling V8, may be easier if you’re not looking for a daily driver.


Electric vehicles can be justified using the same reasoning. While an extended-range vehicle is great, it might not be essential for people whose commutes are predictable and they have convenient access to charging stations. If you think about your lifestyle, you might find that an entry-level model works well for you. Additionally, if you broaden your search to include used electric cars, you’ll have a lot more possibilities if you can live with a range of less than 200 miles.


The End of the Row


A shrewd consumer may also be able to find a decent car at a fair price by taking a close look at models that are getting old or being discontinued. Dealerships and automakers may be more likely to move older models with better pricing and/or manufacturer incentives because many individuals are interested in owning the newest and greatest.


The Chevrolet Corvette is a superb illustration of this from more recently. There was a lot of demand for the recently released model because of the mid-engine configuration and launch of the 2020 C8 generation. As a result, purchasers frequently paid more for the new vehicle, and demand for the C7 Corvette, which had been in production since 2014, gradually decreased.


When it comes to defunct models, you should think about the manufacturer’s support in terms of parts availability in case you need future repairs for your car. Drivers of older vehicles probably won’t have to worry about a mainstream model like the Toyota Tundra. But if you’re the kind of person who keeps their car for a long time, this could become a problem later on for discontinued makes and models that don’t exchange parts with other cars. So, if you see a tempting price on a used Acura ZDX, you might want to give it some second thought.


Prior to purchasing


Even though a car that has been sitting on the dealership lot could be a hidden gem, it could also cause problems for the next owner. Prioritize your research at all times, keeping note of any known flaws and recalls. Additionally, you should check user reviews, especially for the model year and configuration that interests you. Ultimately, there can be an additional explanation for the profound discount or lack of interest.


Discovered the bargain of a lifetime? Avoid making hasty purchases, particularly when purchasing a new car. Remember that even if you might score a deal at the time, a compromise car could not be as valuable when it comes time to sell. However, you might not need to worry as much if you’re buying a secondhand automobile because it may have already undergone a large amount of depreciation.


Buying a car for the first time? You can increase your chances of winning big at the dealership by being well-prepared. First things first: create a budget. Remember that taxes, fees, and interest can mount up quickly. It will also be simpler to decide whether you’ve found a terrific deal in a competitive market if you do your homework and take test drives. Learn everything there is to know from our guide on purchasing a new car.

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