Halloween Tricks and Treats: Part One of the Holiday Marketing

Most people certainly don’t think about buying a new car when they think of Halloween. They may have a point, but Halloween marketing for car dealerships still has a lot of unrealized potentials.


Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season and is therefore a prime opportunity to concentrate on marketing with the goal of raising brand recognition. If you take advantage of this opportunity to introduce your dealership to the neighborhood, they will be more likely to contact you when they are ready to make a purchase.


Here are some marketing tips for dealerships for 2023:


Stay Current

The use of pop culture references around Halloween is unrestricted. Make sure your dealership is on trend, whether it be with costumes, decorations, or social media posts. You can engage with your audience on a deeper level by using a pop culture allusion that they can relate to. People are naturally drawn to those who share their interests.


It’s crucial to keep in mind a few more concepts for Halloween marketing in addition to pop cultural trends:


The holiday begins early: nearly 40% of individuals begin Halloween preparations even before October officially begins. This implies that your Halloween promotion can be used for weeks, much like the Christmas season.

Pets’ costumes: Nothing attracts followers to a Facebook page like an adorable dog in a sushi roll costume. That’s all we’ll say about it.

Halloween is for adults only. Children, move aside—this one is ours. For the first time, Halloween was identified as the Millennials’ preferred holiday in 2022. Now is an excellent moment to take action if your dealership has been mulling over how to handle the looming “how to market to Millennials” issue many businesses confront.

The New Front Porch is Local Business

For many American families, the custom of going door to door and demanding candy is no longer as prevalent as it once was. One of the fastest-developing Halloween trends is parents taking their kids to local establishments to go trick-or-treating due to constantly rising concerns for convenience and safety.


This is a fantastic chance for your dealership to become involved in the community and get customers to your showroom at the same time. Your dealership will be in the back of these parents’ minds the next time they are in the market for a new car for the tiny cost of a fun-size candy bar.


Do we suggest? Spread the news early, dress festively, and avoid purchasing cheap candies.


Tell spooky tales

It’s no secret that true crime and horror stories are very popular among Americans. Numerous studies have demonstrated that one of the primary causes of this pathological attachment is that it gives us a sense of readiness. People frequently concentrate on dangers for their own safety.


When marketing your goods and services, keep this in mind. Talk about the terrible consequences that await individuals who neglect their 60,000-mile maintenance work or the harrowing case of a person who failed to purchase GAP insurance and was left with thousands of dollars in unpaid debt for a totaled vehicle. Nobody likes to experience hardship; therefore, readers will take all reasonable precautions to feel ready for bad luck.


beautify your website

One of the key elements of Halloween is dressing up. So why not also make your website seem nice? Fun is Halloween’s primary goal. Make it clear to site visitors that your dealership enjoys itself! You’re not restricted to skeletons and spider webs. Find a Halloween design that suits your brand the best by using your creativity.


Let’s see what ideas you have. Share with us on Facebook your finest Halloween marketing strategies.

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