Halloween-themed Automobile Trends We Love

Even though it’s distant, the time goes by so quickly.  Halloween is a time to be frightened, dress bizarrely, and bury mountains of candy wrappers between couch cushions.


However, did you realize that Halloween can also be a good time to gain new clients? Halloween has been identified as the preferred holiday among Millennials for the third consecutive year. They’ll pay attention to how you decide to celebrate. This year, many conventional solutions are no longer an option, so new trends are emerging. Listed here are some of our favorites:


spooky car washes

Although the idea of haunted car washes is not new, it has gained popularity in the COVID era. They offer the ideal means for thrill-seekers to satisfy their needs without ever leaving the security of their (now spotless) automobiles.


In Ohio, one car wash has made a major investment after a great year in 2021. Interested parties can book tickets for $20, which include the car wash and a bag of goodies, for the Rainforest Car Wash’s one or two haunted car wash weekends each year.


2. Car-themed costumes

It’s likely that your dealership has certain stock that you enjoy showcasing to onlookers. Why not dress them in appropriate seasonal attire to attract more attention? This year, a broad variety of car costumes have been displayed, including animals, well-known movie vehicles, pumpkins, ghosts, spiderwebs, and fake fangs.


You might even hold a “Trunk or Treat” with your costumed cars, depending on the laws in your state. Offering a socially awkward alternative to the customary trick-or-treating that so many children will miss this year could gain you some devoted customers.


Encourage participants to pre-register for a certain time slot.

To prevent trick-or-treaters from reaching into the same candy bowl, skip the candy bowls. Instead, decide to set each treat out on a table in front of the trunks.

Before they go around, spray everyone’s hands with hand sanitizer and give out masks.

Think of having a “drive-through” trunk-or-treat where visitors’ cars receive treats at each stop.


3. The Bone-Chilling Social Competition

Many businesses are choosing to celebrate Halloween digitally this year, just like the majority of 2022. Through contests on social media, this may be accomplished in one of the simplest and most engaging ways possible. Offer a wickedly awesome prize, and ask your fans to tell their friends and family about it so they can join in too. This is a fantastic way to get the name of your dealership in front of many individuals.


Here are some of our top suggestions for contests:


Pumpkin carving: People are looking for creative outlets because they have so much free time. Give them a chance to display their labor of love on your page.


Create several categories for the costume contest so that everyone can participate. Contests for the “best last-minute costume,” “best pet costume,” and “best costume made entirely from things at home” will help you stand out from the crowd.


Share your favorite horror stories with your followers to help them remember their time at summer camp. By “liking” tales posted in the comments section of your post, readers can cast their votes. A prize is awarded to the story with the most likes.


Create your own murder mystery scenario, publish it on social media, and give hints in your postings. The person who cracks the case wins a prize.


We hope your Halloween festivities this year, whichever way you choose to celebrate them, are a success! Tell us about your Halloween advertising on Facebook.

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