Guide to a Dealership’s Total Service Strategy

We’ve created a full-funnel service strategy guide only for dealers! By guiding them through the customer service process, you can attract more likely consumers.


Your current clients come first.


The people who are most likely to drop by for service or repairs are the clients who purchased a car from you. Create a list of customers you sold cars to but who never came in for service using your CRM. Send them to your schedule page by contacting them via their news feed with a special offer. Additionally, it would be advantageous to add clients who have not recently returned for their vehicle’s maintenance.


winning over brand owners.


In your neighborhood, look for owners of particular brand models. SimpSocial provides the most recent DMV records, so you can target people who drive cars associated with your brand. “Do you own a Ford?” you ask your audience. Visit us to service it! Through our scheduler, we have open slots available.


Retargeting and returning clients


Return to the front of the room. Even if they clicked on your advertisement to see the service page, no appointments were made. Don’t let that client get overlooked. Bring them back to the website and provide them with a compelling offer!


Customers should be shown what they want to see.


Setting up an appointment will be encouraged by discounts and special offers, especially if they are time-sensitive. A few five-star evaluations from some of your prior service appointments would also be helpful. Positive evaluations go a long way, and if they previously had a bad experience somewhere else, they are more likely to choose your location.


What should customers expect from your service procedures?


Showcase your service department’s turnaround time in terms of speed. How is customer service going? Do you provide financing or payment plans for maintenance and repairs? Make sure your audience has a great experience by letting them know that skilled specialists are looking after them.


unique and innovative.


For any brand, we provide custom-branded service and creativity! Make yourself stand out from the crowd by doing something flashy and attention-grabbing. Draw them in and capture their interest. We switch.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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