Everything you should know about placing at “position zero” and staying there

Google’s top spot is usually a highly desired position, but did you realize you might actually rank even higher? Yes, ‘position zero’ really exists! These priceless listings, also referred to as Google’s “featured snippets,” can be a lifesaver in the world of digital advertising.


What exactly is a featured snippet, then? How can you reach Google’s first position? And what does a Google-highlighted snippet actually offer? In our guide on the subject, we address all of these queries in detail. Continue reading to learn more.


What is a featured snippet on Google?


In Google’s search results, a featured snippet appears at the very top of page 1. A featured snippet is actually referred to as position zero because it appears above position one on Google; this is the highest ranking that can be achieved for the relevant search query.


Only the finest answers are displayed at the top of Google’s search results after it scrapes the content of all websites in the world to identify the most pertinent information. The goal of Google’s featured snippets is to provide users with a clear, concise response to the specific topic, search term, or keyword they are looking for.


In other words, the featured snippet that appears in position 0 is the best response Google has been able to come up with to your query. It’s the best of the best! However, it’s important to keep in mind that not every Google search result has a relevant highlighted snippet. There are situations when an advertisement will appear in place of a featured clip.


How many different kinds of Google featured snippets exist?


Google responds to search requests with one of five different types of highlighted snippets. As follows:


excerpts from featured paragraphs provide a succinct piece of information that provides readers with what is thought to be the most thorough response to their inquiry (often, the most well-liked alternative put out).


A list of highlighted passages is generally displayed when individuals search for a step-by-step query and is either bulleted or numbered.


When a search query calls for a significantly weighted data-based response, prominent snippets are presented as tables of data.


Image-highlighted snippets are shown when a search asks for an image or when the query is better suited to a descriptive image.

Video-highlighted snippets are shown when a video is requested in the search or when a video is the most effective format for presenting the response.


What advantages does a Google highlighted snippet offer?


The internet presence of your company can and will profit immensely from achieving Google featured snippet status. Here are some advantages of having the first position:


Better brand recognition: Being visible is essential for every company to succeed, and Google’s immense strength can propel you to new heights, especially when material from your website appears in position zero, putting you ahead of the competition.


Gaining Google featured snippet status can enhance the click-through rate (CTR) when people click on the link for further information. Website traffic is undoubtedly one of your most important KPIs.


Increased domain authority: Google’s featured snippets can really aid in increasing domain authority (DA), which is a key aspect of how well your website is displayed online. Check out our blog post on how to enhance website domain authority for additional advice on improving DA performance.


Enhanced credibility: Any business owner wants to run a credible operation, so it’s critical that this accomplishment be made known online as well. People can see that your website is Google’s top pick for responding to a query thanks to featured snippets.


Increased share of voice: You should not only be aware of your rivals but also strive to outperform them. In a congested online market, Google’s featured snippets can enhance share of voice (SOC) and serve as a benchmark for competitors.


Maximizes the use of voice assistant technology: Since Siri and Alexa are both great voice command tools, it’s encouraging to know that voice search users will receive the Google-featured snippet information first.


It demonstrates your good work: A Google-highlighted snippet is a terrific sign that the material on your website is effective and beneficial. This is only achievable with a well-written, well-presented, factual, and instructive web page (product, blog, or other). You deserve a pat on the back!


How are the featured snippets on Google selected?


Based on the search query, Google utilizes an automatic technique to decide which website would make the best-featured snippet. Keep in mind that a featured snippet is exactly that—a “snippet” of data that emphasizes the essential response to a query.


Every highlighted snippet has a feedback form that visitors can use to rate how useful or unhelpful it is. Google also encourages users to leave comments and make suggestions. In order to always deliver the best possible search results, Google uses the feedback it receives to improve its algorithm.


How long do featured snippets appear on Google?


Since a Google highlighted snippet may appear a variety of times, there is no definitive solution to this query. The digital environment you are in has a significant impact on how well Google’s highlighted snippets perform. Because of this, it’s crucial to not only monitor the content of your rivals but also create a keyword strategy to make sure you stay on top.


Although you have no control over when or how long a featured snippet appears on Google, you CAN ensure that all the necessary procedures are in place to give yourself the best opportunity of landing in position zero.


Can you purchase prominent snippets from Google?


You cannot purchase Google’s featured snippets since they are not considered advertisements. The search engine sources them naturally based on the questions and queries that users submit. Google only displays a highlighted snippet, which can be a paragraph, list, table, image, or video, of the most pertinent information.


How valuable is a featured snippet on Google?


We are frequently asked about this issue, so it is crucial for us to emphasize the importance of a Google-highlighted snippet. The advantages are outlined above, but let’s look at the data instead because, as we all know, numbers speak for themselves.


Consider Google as an individual piece of real estate. Every square inch of real estate on Google’s page 1 is precious, therefore, your position in the search results and the amount of space your listing takes up will increase in value.


The good news here is that a Google-featured snippet is considered to be prime real estate – it really doesn’t get any better than this. A featured snippet on Google quite literally takes up more space on the page than a standard search query result does (like positions 1 to 10), so it is like comparing a two-bedroom apartment with a six-bedroom mansion.


Featured snippets receive 35% MORE hits than any other listing on search results pages, according to the data. This means that if your content appears as a Google featured snippet, it is 65% more likely to be clicked on compared to the listings presented in positions 1 to 10 on the page. Bingo.


How to achieve a Google-featured snippet


Now that you understand the importance of a featured snippet on Google, we have no doubt your next task is to achieve one! Well, lucky for you, we are here to lend a helping hand. Discover the top 10 ways to increase your chances of ranking in position zero:


Develop a keyword strategy. You can’t work out where you are going without first establishing a starting point. Building a keyword strategy will enable you to identify your current website’s page-by-page performance while determining where you want to end up.


Understand what pages are currently performing: How many people click on each page of your website? What’s the conversion rate compared to your goals? Get to know what pages prove most popular and those that could use a little more TLC.


Perform keyword research: If you aren’t ranking for the search terms relevant to your business, then who is? Find out who they are, how they are doing it, and what you can do better.


Focus on page 1 keywords: By focusing your attention purely on keywords ranking on page 1, you will target the best-performing competitors in the same space as you.


Pay attention to your competitors: You know what they say; keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Keep an eye on the competition so that there are never any nasty surprises.


Be present on page 1: The web page, piece of information, or keyword you want to achieve Google featured snippet status for should already rank on page one of Google. It’s not the end of the world if this isn’t the case, but it will be much harder to get there.


Consider the structure of your content: Think about how your piece of content will be digested by the reader. It may be that your information is best presented as a list or in table form rather than in a descriptive manner.


Be factual: Google prioritizes content that is factually correct and supported by clear data. Never make any of the information up or presume that something is correct. Do your research, and you are more likely to reap the rewards.


Use images and/or video in your content: It’s not just all about text; as we know, pictures can speak a thousand words. Incorporate images and/or videos in your content as much as possible – if you don’t achieve a featured snippet for the text, you may just do it for an image instead – especially if it is a new picture or infographic.


Answer important questions within your content: Search queries that start with a how, what, and why are the most popular choices, so you need to make sure your content is reflecting these through deliberate question-and-answer content.


Boost your Google featured snippet status


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