Google Local 2-Packs were observed. What This Change Would Imply For The GMB Listings For Your Dealership

For dealers to have organic success online, a well-optimized Google My Business presence has become a necessity. The fact that Google is testing Local 2-Pack results rather than 3-Pack results should therefore serve as motivation to further optimize and professionalize your sales, service, and parts listings.


Let’s go over some fundamentals of local SEO before delving further into this Google beta test. The potential implications of this test for your GMB listings will then be discussed.


How Do Local Packs Work?

Google compiles a list of prospective local businesses that most closely match your search criteria when you perform a search for one. These companies generally appear in groups of three, therefore the names Local-3 or Local Packs.


The local pack is one of the most indubitable and reliable strategies to generate calls to your dealership, directions to your location, or clicks through to your website because there are often just 3 results presented out of the dozens of businesses that may match the criteria of a query.


A strategic method to improve your chances of spreading brand recognition, generating more website traffic and leads, and eventually attracting new clients is to be visible in the local pack. However, keeping your company’s listing in the viewable pack requires regular time and effort spent on turning your GMB listing into a useful resource for users.


The Overall Situation

At the end of March, news that Google was experimenting with showing only 2 businesses in local packs rather than 3 on mobile first surfaced in the SEO community. The beta test has been noticed on both iPhone and Android devices, and so far it appears that this local SEO update is concentrated on restaurant searches. We have not yet observed this being tested on a desktop.


The wider picture is that Google continually tests new ideas. Everyone who uses a search engine is aware of algorithm adjustments, but when aiming to increase traffic and leads, it’s as crucial to keep an eye on the format and expressional updates.


A test like this one could appear insignificant, but it will likely have a significant effect on organic visibility. The likelihood of your dealership showing up in a local pack would drop by 33% if this rollout were to become a permanent feature. The statistical impact it could have on the number of sessions, calls, and requests for directions to your dealership could be significant and necessitate spending more money on other forms of advertising, such as sponsored search marketing.


How to Keep Up with the Times

SimpSocial is carefully observing the regional packs offered by our dealer network as more information about this test becomes available. We constantly want to make sure that, if significant changes are impending, we can assist you in avoiding potentially disastrous effects on your traffic. The greatest strategy to keep your dealership visible in local pack results is to regularly optimize your listings and present truthful information.


Make sure the listings for each department you have been claimed if you have, so you may optimize all business-related listings. Other fast victories include:


choosing the right business categories

uploading a lot of good pictures

addressing queries from users in the Q&A section

These days, GMB offers countless opportunities! All of these steps increase your likelihood of receiving local pack impressions and contribute to SEO success.

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