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Our goal is to personalize online commerce for everyone involved, including those who are seeking and providing customer service. Localization is a key component of that objective.


Describe localization.

Customizing your product to meet the requirements of a local culture and language is known as localization. It implies that people experience your product in the same wonderful way everywhere, regardless of where they are or what language they speak.


It significantly boosts the morale of a customer care crew. More than 20% of people in the US alone do not speak English at home, thus having to use a product at work that does not support their native tongue adds needless complexity to their tasks.


Our platform hosts millions of conversations in innumerable languages thanks to the more than 25,000 businesses who use SimpSocial to serve their own clients in more than 130 countries.


Our products serve support representatives from all over the world. Our platform hosts millions of conversations in countless languages thanks to the more than 25,000 companies that use SimpSocial to serve their own consumers in more than 130 countries. We have concentrated on making sure that our product and website are designed to accommodate more and more languages as we have scaled and as our client base has grown internationally. This enables our customers to service their customers in the language of their choice.


Iterative localization is a procedure.

According to Emls Vveris, Head of Digital Growth at Lokalise, “for localization to be most efficient, best practice dictates that it should be an ongoing process.” We’re using the continuous localization strategy, which means we’re constantly considering how we may upgrade and improve the language offers for our users and gradually grow the proportion of our software and features that are accessible in a variety of languages.


We’ve got good news if you work with coworkers who don’t speak English or in a bilingual organization. The following features of SimpSocial now support French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese:


The real-time dashboards in our next-generation inbox, where most of our users spend their time.

Reports, Articles, Contacts: all things required for routine customer service outside of conversational response.

For administrative purposes, sending invitations, managing settings, logging in, and billing.

Additionally, it has the potential to significantly improve your consumers’ experiences in the following ways:


You may provide your consumers with a stunning 32 language support through our Messenger and Resolution Bot. Although Fin, our new AI-powered chatbot, was first created to operate through English, we eventually hope to extend support for other languages.

The Help Center’s complete user interface, including the search bar on your homepage, the number of articles, the author, the “last modified” date, and the responses prompt on your articles, may be localized in just a few clicks.

Configuring your Help Center to handle several languages is really easy.

These are the tools that assist our customers in creating tailored connections with their clients all around the world. They may forge closer bonds with their customers the more languages our products support.


Although it’s a massive undertaking, we won’t settle for anything less than total localization, and the steady, little actions we’re doing are having a significant impact.


76% of consumers prefer to make decisions about their purchases in their native language.


It’s best for your consumers if it’s best for your team.

As your staff gains from working in the language they feel most at ease with, you’ll see the effect on your clients’ happiness. A happy team means happy customers. The following are just a few of the ways localization can benefit your company if that isn’t enough to persuade you.


Talent is attracted when teammates can use the Inbox in their native tongue. This opens your company up to talent from across the world.

Increases conversion rates: According to research, 76% of customers prefer to make purchases in their own language, thus having your support staff speak the customer’s preferred language will make the process go more smoothly.

increases employee retention: It’s common knowledge that workers who are happy and secure in their positions are more likely to stick around. We can optimize the opportunity and job satisfaction of our support employees by providing our goods in a variety of languages.

Give your company access to the advantages of localization for both your clients and your support staff.

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