Four Steps to Master Instagram for Your Dealership

It’s a terrific moment to join the Instagram bandwagon given that there are almost one billion users. However, not many vehicle dealerships are yet utilizing this chance. There’s no excuse not to open an Instagram account for your dealership, given that so many people currently claim it to be their favorite social media channel.


Instagram differs from other social media sites because it places a greater emphasis on visual content, including pictures and videos. On Facebook and Twitter, it’s acceptable to post only text, but on Instagram, every post must include a photo. Additionally, the language needs to be shorter because Instagram won’t show the complete passage if it is too long. Posts frequently have a “read more” button after the first few phrases.


The good thing is that Instagram offers several features and lets you build free business profiles. You can use your analytics to find out more about your audience’s demographics and when they interact with your content the most.


It can at first seem difficult to start a new social media page, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll discuss four steps in this article that will help you create a successful Instagram page.


Establish Your Goal


Identifying what you want to get out of Instagram is the first step. Why are you setting up an Instagram account for your dealership? Are you working to increase consumer awareness of your company’s brand? Are you attempting to display the newest vehicles that you receive for your inventory? Are you attempting to promote the deals you currently have going on? Or perhaps all of the above is true. Make sure to list your precise objectives for whatever it is you hope to achieve. Knowing what you want to accomplish makes it much easier to manage a social media presence and makes it more difficult to become distracted and post random or irrelevant stuff.


Establish Your Profile


Username and Name


Make sure to choose your username and name carefully because they can both be searched. Both your login and your name should be variations of the dealership’s legal name.


Profile Image


Selecting a difficult image or one with a lot of text on it will make it harder for users to notice because the image will be smaller on their feeds. Make sure your choice isn’t overly cheesy. Your profile photo has a good chance of becoming the first thing followers see as they scroll through their feeds. Both a picture of a car on your lot and the logo of your dealership make excellent choices for your profile picture.


Bio (Biography)


Your Instagram profile should be shorter than 150 characters, describe what your dealership does, and encourage the user to take action. Let your feed do the rest of the talking by keeping this section brief and to the point.


Further Links


Instagram enables the addition of a phone number, address, and email address for business accounts. You can also provide a link to the website of your car dealership. Make sure to mention these in your bio because they are crucial aspects to use.


Changing Up Your Content


Don’t limit your postings to only images of the vehicles on your lot. That doesn’t engage your followers and won’t set your page apart from rival pages. Your feed will seem better and keep your followers more engaged if you diversify the stuff you post.


Here are some instances of things to post:


pictures of the new vehicles on your lot


Allow your salespeople to upload selfies to “Meet the Staff” and publish them along with a statement or interesting tidbit about themselves.


Holiday articles


new purchases from pleased consumers (with their consent)


tours of your dealership’s interior


photos of the before and after of auto repairs


updates with promotions and bargains


Regrams are when you share consumer images that are relevant to your brand on social media.


Live videos can also be posted. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.


Engage your followers


Instagram is a fantastic platform for fostering relationships with your clients and upholding a good reputation. Customers are more likely to part with their hard-earned cash at establishments that demonstrate their concern. Like their posts, reply to their messages, and comment on their comments. Think about holding little contests for coupons or providing discounts just for your Instagram followers.


Instagram is a user-friendly platform with a straightforward setup procedure. The time is now to open an account for your dealership if you don’t already have one. You can master one of the most widely used social media networks today by following these four steps:

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