For whom do YOU work?

Each of us has boarded an Uber or Lyft while on the road. We converse, use our phones, or sometimes just take in the surroundings. We wouldn’t be able to return from our destination to our hotel if we were given that assignment, right? Why? We weren’t using a car. We didn’t have to be responsible for finding our way. We might merely be travelers.


In dealerships, this passenger-centered thinking is prevalent. The phrase “glorified babysitters” is commonly used by sales managers. This suggests they have a group of travelers.


Consider the question, “Am I a passenger or a driver?” Are you responsible for getting where you’re going, or are you merely a passenger?


Who are you employed by?


Here are some suggestions for increasing your self-accountability when driving.


understand what constitutes success.


No of what position you hold within the dealership, do you understand what success looks like? It goes beyond how many automobiles you sell or the services you provide. These are the results. Are you aware of the requirements to get there? Process execution leads to success. Do you know the process metrics that result in those outcomes?


A driver is aware of what success is and how to achieve it.


Monitor your efficiency every day.



It’s easy to veer, of course. The moment passengers see their scores on the 15 and realize how far behind they are, they abandon ship.


Missing one day can significantly affect how your entire month goes. You must monitor your success-related key KPIs daily. Divide your monthly goals into daily goals, then work toward achieving them every day. It’s okay if you miss a day. Make it up the following day. Track your performance every day to ensure that it doesn’t fly by.


Examine the impact of your important metrics.



Do you understand how your stats help you perform better? A driver can evaluate the procedures and practices that result in success and spot areas for development.


Do you know how to boost performance in, say, the number of appointments made, one of your important metrics? Do you know how to increase revenue from extra services if you need to?


You are in the best position to improve if you can assess your key metrics and comprehend the factors that affect performance. You are no longer reliant on external factors to determine your success.


Participate fully in coaching sessions



Make the most of your one-on-one time with a manager. Your managers have been in your position before, and they most likely had great success (that’s why they are managers). However, there is one thing that your manager cannot do—read your mind. You must actively take part in the discussion.


Share your flaws and improvement goals with your management when you have quality time with them. Pay attention and put the advice they give you to use. If your managers aren’t providing it, ask for it. If you let them, they can help you.


You must be able to drive in order to succeed at a dealership. Own it because it is your career and a source of revenue. Don’t let external factors determine your success. Drive the car!

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