For Dealerships, Creating a High Performance Marketing “Mix”

A strong marketing plan doesn’t focus on isolated elements like keywords, social media ads, or even email content. It concerns how certain components interact. Consider it like a bag of trail mix; while some of the elements (yeah, we’re looking at you, chocolate chips) are tasty on their own, the flavor combination is what really makes it amazing.

We’re presenting a list of all the factors you’ll want to take into account as you design your next marketing mix, regardless of whether you’re a “store-bought-classic-mix” kind of dealership or a “custom-blend with-my-own-ingredients” kind of one.


Gather the raisins.

Although raisins are a necessary component of trail mix, we are aware that not everyone like dried grapes in their snack items. (After all, without them, is it even still “trail mix”?) SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the raisin of marketing.

SEO is all about fine-tuning your site’s navigation, links, and keywords so that search engines can recommend your material to customers who are looking for terms related to what you have to offer. Although it may not be the most glamorous part of any marketing strategy, it is essential for brand distinctiveness at all levels.


Quick Tip: Since SEO best practices are always evolving, it can be challenging to stay current. Check out Google’s Lighthouse tool, a free, open-source automated tool that analyzes your website’s SEO (as well as performance, best practices, and accessibility), if you’re looking for areas for development. This might assist you in identifying areas of your SEO approach that could benefit from some future TLC.


the peanuts forward

With all that goes into a marketing campaign, it might be simple to write off social media updates as ‘filler material,’ much like the peanuts in the old-fashioned trail mix. But that doesn’t negate the fact that they play a crucial part. These are the elements that give your blend a sense of consistency.


Make sure you’re serving your consumers’ needs with an active social strategy. Your clients will do extensive study about the types of automobiles and services they require. This entails maintaining consistency in your publishing schedule (and customer interactions), as well as making sure that your brand language is constant throughout all of your material.


Quick Tip: You should only use promotional content for 20% of your social media plan. Content that falls under the other 80% should be instructive, entertaining, or educational. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to say? Look for automotive topics that your sales and service customers could be interested in learning about from professionals like you.


Do those chocolate chips exist?

Everyone enjoys watching videos, and some clients may search through your social media profile solely to find them. Because of this, it is acceptable to argue that video content is the “chocolate chip” of a marketing mix.


However, it’s crucial that your video content seems genuine. In 2023, 91% of people expect to see more online videos from brands. Making videos merely for the purpose of making videos won’t do.


Ever tasted chocolate that wasn’t quite right? Maybe it had an unusual texture or tasted a touch too artificial? That emotion is comparable to what customers experience when they discover a company using fake video content. Your customers will be the first to notice if something is off, which could lead to them switching to the competition.


Quick Tip: When customers view your video material, your brand personality will determine whether or not your message sticks. Find what sets you apart from the competition—whether it’s a quirky mascot, a unique event you conduct, or something else—and consider how you might use that to create polished, approachable videos.


Include some extra treats

The marketing mix for your dealership also becomes much more tailored as you learn what works for you. There are also a variety of extra delights you might include:


Granola— Search and display advertising are both flexible forms of advertising. On its own or as a component of something bigger (similar to granola), it may be fantastic for generating leads and increasing brand awareness. Are you interested in learning how to make these advertisements more effective? Your dealership’s visibility for searches like “car dealership near me” or “best repair shop in my city” can be improved by using location-based targeting and bids.


Cashews, almonds, or other tree nuts—As crucial as it is for your dealership to comprehend its strengths and objectives, it is equally crucial that it comprehends its target market. Tree nuts like cashews, almonds, and others are similar to your email marketing campaigns. Not everyone should use these; in fact, some people may be allergic to them. A personalized, targeted email marketing plan is essential since it helps you save time and money while also minimizing any negative responses from your clients.


Pretzels – People who love pretzels are frequently rather adamant about it, and the same may be said of your e-newsletter (if done properly). The relationships that move your goods and fill your service lanes can be created (and maintained) with the help of a newsletter. It makes it possible for your dealership to communicate with customers, identify what content they’re engaging with, and offer more of the “good stuff” in general.


Dried Fruits—Adding dried fruits to your trail mix is similar to including direct mail in your marketing plan; but, just because it’s an older, more traditional component doesn’t imply it’s no longer relevant. Direct mail can provide customers with the extra push they need to take action, whether that action is making a repair appointment, reserving a test drive, or visiting your dealership to purchase a new vehicle (when combined with reliable consumer data).


It’s reasonable to say that a successful marketing plan consists of a variety of components that all work in concert to build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, and create leads. And based on factors like goals, skill sets, location, or dealership size, the ideal marketing mix will fluctuate slightly for each dealership. Double-check this list as you create the “just-right” combination for your dealership to ensure you don’t leave out any crucial elements.

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