Focusing on Fixed Ops for an EV-Forward Future

The change will always open up new opportunities for growth, and for dealerships, this means attracting both current and potential new consumers.

The daily operations of dealerships will undoubtedly change as more customers shift their interest toward electric and hybrid vehicles. The majority of automakers, governments, and customers are all supporting the movement toward more electric vehicles. Insights into how your dealership can adapt to this shifting market in the showroom, the service drive, and even in marketing can be gained by analyzing the current position that EVs play in the sector.


These elements are converging into a perfect storm for how you can get ready to convert your dealership (and service drive) to electricity. Dealers who move quickly, adapt, and become ready now will probably stand out from dealers who remained unresponsive.


Your Fixed Operations Outlook

Where exactly does your fixed operations department fit into all of these changes? No car is flawless, as you well know (even an electric one). Just like gasoline-powered cars, EVs will require regular maintenance. This might refer to things like brakes, wipers, and other wear-and-tear components.


When working on an electric vehicle, your technicians will notice several variations in comparison to the ICE systems you already frequently encounter when driving. The braking systems are slightly different between the two types of vehicles, and EVs frequently include more complex ADA systems than those found in conventional vehicles. Both types of vehicles may have power windows, locking systems, and AC units.


To sum up, current EV owners have chronically complained about issues with display screens, external door lights, malfunctioning temperature sensors, mismatched paint, and seals and weather stripping. Not only can these issues arise, but they do so more frequently than with traditional automobiles. What steps can you take to get ready for these increased service requirements?


Expect a Drizzle of Greener Vehicles; be Prepared

When brand-new technology is introduced, it might be intimidating. It has the potential to cause havoc across your dealership, including the service lane. Even though your technicians are already familiar with some of these fixes, it’s crucial to take your dealership’s personnel into account during times of transition like these. Ask inquiries like:


Who will require fresh instruction?

Who should receive training to become an EV certified technician?

Do you need any further certifications? What about other certificates that are optional?

Would having a separate EV section and separating our store activities be beneficial?

Do we presently have the tools and infrastructure our technicians will need to perform these kinds of repairs, as EVs are substantially heavier than typical ICE vehicles?


The good news in all of this is that numerous OEMs create and market unique equipment (as well as offer service training to their own dealership technicians). Additionally, many EV repairs are as easy to perform as a software update, so specialists won’t need to undergo as many adjustments as you may anticipate.


Despite this, updating your service drive now is still a wise move. For your routine maintenance and wear-item repairs, think about adding extra technicians. Hiring more service technicians is a current issue, and as EVs become more and more common, this requirement will only grow. This is similar to many other “to-dos” within the dealership.


Your dealership should also take into account any repairs that take place outside of its boundaries. A mobile unit can easily perform some EV service at the customer’s home, but there is a benefit to this:


More modest repairs that customers can do on their own help mitigate the need for some infrastructure improvements that might otherwise be required. This means that, most likely, your dealership won’t need to worry about creating a new designated location or increasing square footage for EV-specific automobiles (phew—what a relief). And don’t worry, there’s still a chance to make money here.


Naturally, some of your customers will need help doing some of these at-home repairs. They might not be pulling into your service drive, but they could be searching online for a quick guide or a YouTube tutorial. Can you see the chance here? Make your dealership the go-to place for advice for these consumers; this will improve the likelihood that they’ll see you when they need repairs that require a specialist.


The Climate Requires Some Electric Messaging

Customers frequently prefer dealers to independent service providers because of the dealers’ capacity to handle “advanced” automobiles or “specialized” maintenance issues. For handling car repairs, your dealership offers qualified service technicians, specialized parts and equipment, as well as additional technology and resources. It’s crucial to use this customer thinking in your marketing strategies, especially with EVs.


It’s challenging to market to the appropriate demographic. Why not now include EV-specific messaging in the mix? It might be difficult. But it is achievable with the right assistance.


Quick Tip: Highlight special offers and promotions for potential customers while giving relevant, useful content (like an infographic comparing ICE and EV models or an EV buyer’s guide). Additionally, you may add interesting content (like a dynamic video of an EV test drive) to build credibility and position yourself as the go-to authority for present and potential service clients.


Bonus Advice: What could be superior to effective marketing? recognizing the effectiveness of your marketing. Get the tools you need to follow up with subscribers who have expressed interest but haven’t yet taken action by keeping track of all interactions with the content of your email.


Changes and difficulties can potentially appear as the automotive industry’s exciting future plays out. Planning and preparing properly for these changes will be essential.


If you don’t want it to be, your dealership doesn’t have to face difficulties as a result of the rising popularity and adoption of EVs. Instead of dreading the coming of this new business sector, there is a chance to welcome it. It will be business as usual when EVs do play a substantial role in your dealership’s service drive. The addition of EVs may only require a small (but possibly highly profitable) adjustment to your fixed ops marketing plan.

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