Focus on Outstanding Customer Conversations.

Never lose sight of customer conversations in an era of cost-cutting automation.


When faced with the option to use a bot/AI, it is simple to be enticed by potential cost savings. Realistically, you may be jeopardizing your short- and long-term profits by ignoring the great customer satisfaction that results from having meaningful dialogues that encourage customers to do business with you.


Communication that is consistently delightful is the key to making your consumers feel valued, heard, and appreciated.


An organization is comprised of humans – actual people – and your customer base consists of similar individuals. One-way communication, nonspecific customer service jargon, and sidesteps are (or should be) relics of the past.


The Forbes Business Council’s Sean O’Neal agrees:


“Customer interactions with brands are in a perpetual state of flux. The most recent development includes the expectation that customers will be regarded as individuals and receive personalized service, such as one-on-one conversations via their preferred digital channel.” (Source)


Significant Conversations Matter in the Automotive Industry

If you are perusing this, you may be in the automobile sales industry. (At least, we would like them to be reading it!) You are likely already aware of the significance of customer conversation to the sales process. Key elements of the car sales process include conducting a needs analysis, asking clarifying questions about the customer’s desires, and searching for opportunities to establish rapport.


However, is your sales team proficient in these conversational guidelines? Your BDC? Your customer support departments?


Face-to-face interactions with customers are one thing, but what about text-only media? Texting can appear somewhat flat, and your consumers are unfamiliar with your dealership. Is your team equipped to manage potentially challenging chat conversations?


Every word — and how it is spoken — matters.


Excellent Customer Conversations Lead to Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Consider customer dialogues as the basis of the remainder of the sales process.


Consider going on a first date or having a job interview! These are all instances of first impressions that can set the tone for future consumer relationships.


Consider the dialogues you have in the context of customer relationship management as something that could contribute to a memorable and meaningful experience. Your customer is a genuine person who will recall how this interaction made them feel. It is not a reach to assert that conversations with customers can be sacred.


This can result in long-term consumer loyalty and an increased likelihood that the customer will recommend you to others.


Online, customer conversations are essential.


Four Methods to Improve Customer Conversations at Your Dealership

Conversations with customers are akin to a science. There is some method to their actions. Or at least, if you so choose, there can be! Here are four methods to optimize your customer conversations and make them feel appreciated and confident in their decision to do business with you.


1) Recognize and restate.

Have you ever placed an order at the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant and the attendant did not repeat it back to you?


Does this really induce confidence in the order you just placed?


Not all successful conversations have a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Rephrasing and reiterating the information back is a crucial part of conversations and demonstrates that you are listening. This not only helps you confirm the customer’s needs but also demonstrates to the customer that you comprehend them.


This applies to any type of conversation, whether in sales or in your personal life: reiterating information helps break down barriers.


According to The Emotion Machine, repeating other people’s remarks is crucial for establishing likeability, comfort, and social connections. Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as the ‘echo effect’…


When people use the same words, it reduces the social distance between them and causes them to feel more alike. However, when individuals use very different words, it creates greater social distance and makes them feel less connected.”


Some customers may already perceive a power differential between you and them, but positive customer conversations that impart humanity and relatability can result in confident, satisfied customers!


2) Reflect on your client.

We discussed repeating customer information to demonstrate your understanding of their requirements, but “mirroring” is somewhat distinct.


Customers are diverse and unique, but we’ve observed that they generally fall into one of two categories: transactional or relational.


Although transactional customers are not emotionless, they are more straightforward and eager to conduct business. They frequently know what they want, and they want to ensure you’re knowledgeable.


For transactional customers, you should maintain a productive conversation and resolve genuine concerns. Consider their pain points and communicate information in a more straightforward manner.


We’re not saying this will be a difficult conversation (though it could be), but it will definitely be a unique one.


Relationship-based consumers are a notable distinction. They frequently have an excessively positive tone, employ positive language, and seek someone whose energy matches their own.


They have one or more personal stories to share, so be prepared for these types of conversations and perhaps share a bit more about yourself than you normally would.


These individuals want to collaborate with others!


3) Respond with promptness.

It should go without saying that you must maintain your customers on the line. Therefore, respond or follow up promptly!


Respecting a customer’s time is more crucial than you may believe.


Consequently to Jivo Chat:


“A Forrester survey indicates that:


73% of consumers cite respect for their time as one of the most essential customer service values.

According to the same study, at least 53 percent of consumers are likely to abandon a purchase if they cannot quickly locate answers to their queries.

When comparing different stores, 78% of consumers will purchase from the first company that responds to their questions promptly and accurately, placing product or service pricing in second place.

These statistics demonstrate that consumers highly value a quick and consistent experience, as well as prompt support. The majority of website visitors are likely to be people at work or those who simply want to complete a task quickly and discreetly. Ensure that your online chat and phone conversations with customers promptly address their requirements.


It is essential to respond quickly to these customers because, well, the Internet is vast and they have virtually unlimited options!


4) Be sincere.

In customer conversations, each of these elements is crucial. But foremost:


Bring on the honesty!


Customers have their own unique lives and experiences. They are able to detect when someone is acting insincere or going through the motions to make a sale. Obviously, new customers come to you for a product and/or service and ultimately want to get down to business, but incorporating excellent communication into customer conversations will foster relationships that leave a lasting impression.


Bring your unique voice, demonstrate your brand experience, respond to queries with empathy and understanding, and communicate with understanding.


Ask where they are on their own unique customer journey, provide them with all available options and a backup plan if necessary, and establish a rapport.


Excellent customer service requires excellent customer conversations.

Customer Conversations Are Crucial to Customer Retention.

You can gain a competitive edge over other dealerships in your community if you engage in effective consumer conversations. Equip your sales teams with the ability to conduct effective consumer conversations, and you will observe a positive impact on your current sales procedure.


Customer Service Teams Using SimpSocial Have the Best Customer Conversations

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