Fleet Leasing Companies Lead EV Sector

Many of us have switched to reusable water bottles, paper straws, cloth grocery bags, and other alternatives because we spend a lot of time considering how our individual decisions affect our community. But bigger companies also have a lot of environmental stewardship duties, and they have a lot of choices to make about how to have their own positive effects.

The businesses that are assisting business owners in their efforts to create a more sustainable future will be examined in this article.

So, you ask, what is the subject? Technology for electric vehicles is what we’re discussing.

The automobile industry is headed in a highly environmentally friendly direction, and Canadian fleet leasing companies are leading the way in enabling enterprises to develop entire fleets of electric vehicles. They support company owners’ efforts with the required infrastructure to maintain electrified fleets, in addition to assisting them in buying and leasing a variety of EVs.

Fleet Leasing Businesses Green your life

One of our SimpSocial team members recently went to a Somerville Group Open House event (which included Somerville Auto, Somerville Hino, and Zeemac Commercial Fleet Leasing). At the event, electric vehicles, trucks, and charging stations were available for clients, staff members, and guests to check out. Oh, and do not overlook the free taco truck. Once again with the puns, the fish tacos were outstanding.

The Somerville Group has spent the last few years creating an amazing program for leasing electric vehicles that offers a wealth of tools for company owners, including the following:

Access to a big selection of the most well-liked electrified cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans in North America, including the capacity to construct sizable fleets of the same vehicles.

Options for flexible fleet leasing put the business owner in charge.

knowledgeable advisors who may direct customers to EV grants and rebates in their province.

additional fleet management services, such as fleet telemetry and fuel cards.

charging options for EVs.

Each year, these fleet leasing firms work with hundreds of small- and medium-sized business owners, and it’s amazing to see how committed they are to making EV adoption affordable.

We also spoke with ChargePoint, a recognized partner of Zeemac and one of the top suppliers of EV infrastructure in North America. ChargePoint handles everything businesses require to feel secure in their charging solutions, including design, installation, and continuing support. Their charge stations have a smaller size than a parking meter.

Businesses can now adopt green technology more easily than ever thanks to organizations like Zeemac, Somerville, and ChargePoint. This is helping to increase the number of EVs on North American roads.

Why Do Companies Choose EV Fleets?

Maintaining business owners’ control over their commercial fleets is a top concern for fleet leasing businesses. They specialize in identifying adaptable choices and breakthroughs that will help these companies as they deal with fresh difficulties in their different industries, and educating people about the advantages of electric commercial fleets is just one of those solutions.

Beyond the environmental advantages of electrified automobile technology, EV fleets can have a significant financial impact on a company. There are many benefits to switching traditional gas-powered fleet vehicles to electric ones, including government rebates, cost savings on fuel and maintenance, and increased EV efficiency.

However, because EV technology is still rather new, there are a lot of unanswered issues, worries, and adoption barriers. Fleet leasing firms can help with that. They serve as a buffer, assisting decision-makers in comprehending the advantages of EV fleets and matching them with the automobiles, financing possibilities, fleet administration systems, charging solutions, and continuous support they require to make an informed choice.

The Automotive Industry’s Future Each month, Bright SimpSocial collaborates with a huge number of dealer partners, and it’s fascinating to watch them develop and expand. We are eager to continue our cooperation in the automobile industry after speaking with the Somerville team about their recent (and many planned!) projects.

Visit Zeemac Fleet Leasing (located in Vancouver) or Somerville Automotive (based in Toronto) to speak with a helpful person about their fleet leasing options for electric vehicles.

Additionally, if you have any questions about how SimpSocial can assist your growing automotive business, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our equally welcoming team.

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