Feedback from customers is a Tool. Are you using it at your dealership?

How is your dealership perceived by the public?


If you individually questioned each of your customers about their opinions, it’s likely that the feedback would be overwhelmingly positive. Sadly, that is not how online reviews operate.

Too frequently, businesses are at the mercy of their least satisfied clients, who are much more likely to leave a review than a satisfied client. You can’t just sit back and wait for the positive comments to come in, considering that 86% of customers are hesitant to purchase from a business that has received multiple poor reviews.

Instead, you should seek out feedback and actively participate in it. Customer evaluations are much more than the brief text that displays in Google searches next to your dealership’s name.

A highly potent instrument is feedback. Here’s how you can properly develop your public image with it:

Keep up a positive atmosphere for customers.

Consider the last time you provided a grade-A sales experience. With a grin on their face and a spring in their step, your consumer leaves the dealership. Why let all those good vibes waste away? Rather, control it.


You can’t rely on even your happiest customers to take the initiative to submit a favorable review because doing nothing is almost always easier than doing something. You must overcome that inertia.


When asked to do so, your consumers are much more inclined to post a review. While it never hurts to ask nicely, it is much preferable to provide customers with personalized point-of-sale materials that direct them to the review sites with the greatest influence.

A survey link that was printed on a receipt will inevitably get tucked away in a cup holder in an automobile. On the other side, it is simple to spread a customer’s praise to thousands of potential customers by personally guiding them through the review process with follow-up surveys and timely emails.

A company’s relationship with a consumer is mutually beneficial. The encouragement of feedback sows the long-term seeds of consumer loyalty.


Take Special Care of Your Unhappy Customers

Despite your best efforts to make every customer experience at your dealership positive, you’re always going to have a few unhappy clients.

Even though it can be tempting to ignore criticism in the middle of unending adulation, doing so will never enable your company to reach its full potential. Contrary to your impulses, concentrate on your most scathing detractors and respond to their comments by providing solutions to their issues.

In addition to perhaps resolving the conflict with the offended party, over half of consumers think they are more likely to support a company if it responds to unfavorable reviews.


And that is very logical. People yearn to be understood and to believe that their opinions count. A company that takes the time to interact with its consumers comes across as reliable and willing to grow.

Of course, it can be intimidating to contact someone who has publicly voiced their dissatisfaction with your company. Consider working with a third party that searches the web for mentions of your dealership and notifies you in detail when there is bad feedback, so you are completely prepared to respond and build a strong, enduring relationship.


The goal of your in-store sales procedure is to provide clients with the finest possible experience. But keep in mind that you’ll always see the front yard before walking inside a house. Control your internet reputation so that the hard work you put in at the dealership pays off for you outside of it.

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