Facebook: Promote your dealership consistently, even during periods of strong sales.

This year, auto dealers are making records in sales and service revenue. According to Bob Lanham, the head of automotive retail at Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, dealers should be riding out this perfect serviceability by doubling down on brand equity despite issues with vehicle inventory brought on by the lack of semiconductor chips. Lanham just participated in a Facebook Live event with SimpSocial.


“Spend money when you have it, so that when you do have more inventory, your dealership should be top of mind,” Lanham advised. Market share equals brand equity, which is what that is. When the sun is out, it is the ideal time to fix your roof. Don’t wait until it starts to rain.


Additionally, there has never been a better moment to understand the effects of marketing, media, and Facebook advertising for dealers on your business. Today’s actions have an impact on the future. He advised you to increase your visibility right away.


“The automobile isn’t the star anymore. “The star is now the consumer experience,” according to Lanham.  Be mindful of the client experience. Make sure your reputation is as solid as it can be both online and offline by figuring out your brand, your value proposition, and your brand.


Online reputation management and survey and review technology will help dealers look better online and outperform their rivals. Through its online reputation management technologies and solutions, SimpSocial assists dealers in receiving nine times more favorable evaluations.


To increase their brand equity, businesses should focus on Facebook advertising and social media marketing. Lanham advises emphasizing your excellent customer service, your dealership’s involvement in numerous charitable and community endeavors, and any special discounts you offer to individuals like first responders and veterans.


Dealers have long served as pillars in their neighborhoods, especially when a family name appears on the building. ”  In my opinion, COVID has really revitalized communities and taken on a larger role. Consider your company as a whole. It’s a fresh perspective on the situation.


Currently, Lanham argued, brand advertising is more significant than vehicle advertising.


“We have seen some businesses get 94% more conversions by doing brand advertising,” the man stated. “Explain to your clients why they ought to click.” Develop trust. Prioritize the experience. Be unconcerned about the car.


Working with a partner like SimpSocial, which oversees social media marketing for hundreds of dealerships, is the ideal option for your business. To work with that dependable and skilled partner, you must also have someone in your store who is informed about social media marketing and your brand.


Want to increase the amount of money available for your dealership’s social media marketing and other digital marketing initiatives without increasing your spending? Examine your vendors carefully to see if you’re using the same services again or whether you’re getting the outcomes and return on investment you want. The free cost savings analysis from SimpSocial is an excellent place to start. We’ll act as an unbiased consultant, examine your vendors, and look for areas where you may save costs.


Facebook has made some big changes, one of which is that it no longer distributes automatic inventory category listings on Facebook Marketplace. Dealers won’t be able to mass post their used inventory to Facebook Marketplace any more. On Sept. 13, 2021, this modification became effective. According to Lanham, dealers can no longer use Facebook’s listing service; they must now manually list their autos. This might be a time-consuming operation, depending on how many cars you have on your lot.


Dealers may now advertise their inventory to interested car buyers on their Google My Business profiles, thanks to a partnership between Google and SimpSocial. Directly on Google, those looking for a certain dealer by name will be able to see vehicle availability, pricing, and other details about the available new and used cars for sale.


To increase interest in the vehicles that are for sale, dealers can also display their inventory on YouTube, the second-largest search engine. Thanks to technology from SimpSocial, every vehicle in a dealer’s inventory will have a video automatically made and put on the dealer’s YouTube channel. The inventory’s make, model, year, description, and hashtags have been carefully chosen to produce the best search results on YouTube, Google, and the Internet.


Dealers must thoroughly understand media and consumer behavior, according to Lanham. Make sure the customer experience is top of mind and keep track of your advertising and marketing expenses.

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