Facebook Lead Gen Ads: Your Superpower

Facebook lead ads are a unique tool that is more than simply an advertising system. Facebook has created ads that are designed to specifically generate leads. One of its biggest strengths is the ads are created to capture leads on mobile devices. 

Finding new leads is easy with Facebook 

Everyone is on Facebook. Seven in ten (69%) Americans are on Facebook. The vast majority of them go on Facebook every day. 

That means that Facebook is one of the most reliable places to advertise. In fact, only YouTube has more visitors in the world of social media. Yes, YouTube is considered a social media platform. 

Facebook allows you to keep your ads very localized. You can reach out to people at a specific distance from your dealership. 


The ads on Facebook mobile are unique. The viewer taps a single button and a form pops up. The form is pre-populated. All the person needs to do is confirm that the information is correct and it’s sent to you.

Because this system is as simple as possible, there are many fewer lost leads. Facebook users are able to reach out to you with just two clicks and no typing. 

Targeted leads

Using the Facebook audience defining system, you can target people who are looking for a vehicle, either actively or passively. 

This audience function is the hardest part of the job. You must define your audience well and completely. 


One of the major advantages to the Facebook contact forms is you can add your own questions. This allows you to start the qualifying process well. 

Start by asking questions that build trust and help you understand the lead. The questions shouldn’t go straight to trying to sell a vehicle. They need to be more subtle and help you build a profile of what that person needs. 

After that first round of questions on the contact form (no more than 2 or 3), you can send messages or emails to learn more about this person and their needs.

CRM integration

Facebook ads integrate directly to your CRM. All the data, including the day and time, are delivered directly to your customer management system. 

This is the most powerful part of their system. Having this information in your CRM instantly, you can trigger everything. Send a text. Launch an email. Schedule a call. The sales process isn’t delayed waiting for data to be downloaded. 

The different forms of ads

Your lead ads can be designed to do a lot. 

  • Quote – Your ads can easily be designed to allow you to call the lead with a quote about a specific vehicle or class of vehicles. You might consider setting up your ads to the lead contacted with financing information or even simply an answer to a question.
  • Appointment – Your ad can help the lead schedule an appointment to visit your showroom. They can bypass the telephone or email and go straight to planning a visit. 
  • Subscriptions – Many dealerships send out a monthly newsletter to tell everyone what your brand is up to and special deals that you can offer. 
  • Special discounts – Offer a special discount just for people who respond to a certain ad. This can be incentive, enticement to share their information.
  • Special event – Invite people to a special event. They can RSVP right though Facebook. The event can a be whole family affair with less car sales and more community building.

The choice is yours as to how you want to entice your lead sto click the button. 

Use Facebook Lead Gen Ads

Once you’ve created the pipeline and started to get leads, you will start seeing those soft leads turn into sales. The process can be almost entirely automated, so that the leads arrive in the showroom ready to buy.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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