Facebook Has Started A Private Automotive Group For Dealers

The Facebook Car Marketing Collective Group, a closed Facebook group reserved only for car dealers and the auto industry, was just formed by the Facebook Automotive Team.


The new social group aims to unite dealers from around the world so they can support one another through challenges and advance the business as a whole.


The new Facebook Automotive Group’s mission

According to Bob Lanham, Head of Facebook Automotive Retail, the group’s goal is to:


Dealers can immediately access Facebook tools and tactics by joining the Facebook Auto Marketing Collective Group. They can also get updates straight from the head of the Facebook Automotive Team.


The benefits of joining the Facebook Auto Marketing Collective Group for dealers

SimpSocial and the Facebook Automotive Team have long been looking forward to a group like this.


Despite routinely being invited to Facebook’s automotive conferences and co-hosting events like the State of Automotive with Facebook, SimpSocial and its dealer partners have always wished for an online community of dealers to regularly exchange best practices and ideas.


The more merchants we can gather on this platform, the stronger our force and the more diverse our perspectives will be.


How to sign up for the exclusive Group

Simply sign into Facebook, go to this page, and click the “Join Group” button to become a member of the Facebook Auto Marketing Collective.


Once the administrators of the group have confirmed that you are a member of the automotive community, they will review and approve your request.


Do you wish to bypass the form and gain immediate access to the group? Pete Petersen, our CEO, will give you a direct invitation if you add him here on Facebook.


There will be more Facebook resources for cars.

With the creation of this group, it is evident that Facebook is redoubling its efforts in the automotive sector and giving insights and best practices more attention so that dealers may reach their communities as efficiently as possible.


With that goal in mind, Facebook released its resources, the Facebook Automotive Playbook and Zero Friction Future, last year.


These tools have assisted agencies and dealerships in enhancing their Facebook advertising plans in order to move more metal.

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