Expert Lead Conversion Tips

Most buyers want to buy cars online—until they don’t. They then want to contact, text, or visit a dealership employee who can answer their questions, be transparent, and deliver an excellent experience.


With so much technology, it should be easy to provide, right? Not exactly.


According to SimpSocial Annual Automotive Customer Experience Trends Study, 20% of pre-ordered car buyers reported the dealer didn’t tell them of their order status. 31 percent reported a dealership didn’t provide relevant vehicle purchasing information. up from 6% last year.


Why is customer experience lacking with so much technology?


Store communication holes must be identified. Apply your automotive training and use technology to work smarter, not harder. Use technology to convert and nurture more qualified leads. Use technology to maximize employee resources, regardless of size.


Offer a customized, engaging online experience. AI can answer consumers’ questions 24/7 and pass lower funnel customers to your employees when they’re ready to buy.


Lost Salesmanship


Not leads. Human beings. Knowing that someone wants to trade in, acquire, or lease a vehicle can help your staff value each possibility.


Differentiate your dealership’s “why buy” constantly. Because your opponent is across the street, your “why buy” brand is vital. Does your warranty beat your competitor’s? Free first oil change? Your dealership’s unique offerings should be marketed so customers know what they’re getting from you.


Use Tech


Automated answers, follow-ups, AI chat, and videos help convert customers.


A skilled team’s automated and optimized email responses and follow-up keep you on top of every lead and reassure customers. Your dealership will receive calls 24/7. By using AI chat technology to answer leads, customers may schedule servicing appointments or test drives. You want to advance customers without stalling.


An optimum response to a car inquiry will contain all available options from your dealer group. The buyer wants to know the vehicle’s pricing, trade-in value, and characteristics. Giving them as much information as possible lets them make an informed choice. To avoid dissatisfaction, they go to a competitor.


Follow-up Is Crucial


Automatic lead follow-up keeps your staff from forgetting about that customer who inquired about a vehicle months ago. They may still want a car, and if so, they can ask your team member to sell them one. Your sales team can prioritize hot leads by following up with prospective car buyers for six months.


Customers need prompt responses. 57% of car buyers say the dealer answered within an hour, up from 52% in the previous poll. According to our trends investigation, those responses include much less useful information than before. 80% received the vehicle price, compared to 52% in the current study. The former survey found 45% received offers and incentives, but the subsequent study found 26%.


Dealers should provide clients with vehicle pricing, lease, and loan choices, and offers and incentives.


Many customers reported no answer.


Compared to the previous study, two to three times more vehicle buyers and service customers report the dealership never responded to their request. Not good. You don’t want customers to go to your competitors because you didn’t answer their questions or provide the information they requested.


Intelligent websites and Facebook chat messaging can also engage clients. The AI handles client questions 24/7, keeping your business open. Provide an avenue for AI-friendly questions like business hours, location, booking services, and test drive appointments.


Use Video


A personalized video after an inquiry, vehicle sale, or service request is the greatest way to show customers how much you care. Why not use video to communicate with customers, as most people do with friends and family?


Showing the customer the worn brake rotors, leaking oil tank, or torn timing belt on camera clearly demonstrates why the part needs to be serviced. After buying a new car, explain how to use a certain function by video to answer queries without pushing them to come in.


SimpSocial Annual Automotive Customer Experience Trends Study offers more advice. Learn why 5,000 consumers chose a dealership, how vehicle inventory shortages affected them, and what influenced their auto purchase or maintenance decisions. 

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