Everything You Need to Know About the 2023 NIADA Convention & Expo

One of the most amazing events in the automobile industry is the NIADA Convention & Expo 2023 and for good reason. The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association hosted the annual gathering of automotive professionals from across the nation, including those from car dealerships, car marketplaces, independent car retailers, automotive service providers, and other industry professionals, to share knowledge, network, and examine the most recent trends and technologies in the sector.


The NIADA Expo has a long history of giving guests important knowledge, sources, and tools that will help them thrive in the cutthroat automobile industry. It has evolved into a crucial occasion for anyone wishing to stay current with market trends, develop their talents, or expand their business. This event is a fantastic opportunity to learn, engage, and network with like-minded professionals in the field thanks to its interesting seminars, workshops, and displays. You should go to the NIADA Convention & Expo 2023 if you want to remain on top of developments in the automotive sector.


The NIADA Convention and Expo is what.

Every year, the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) Convention & Expo brings together experts from the automotive business from all over the nation, including car dealerships, automobile marketplaces, independent car merchants, automotive service providers, and others. The conference includes interesting lectures, workshops, and displays that highlight the most recent developments, innovations, and industry best practices.


With a long history spanning more than 70 years, the Expo. This Association was established in 1946 to offer assistance and resources to independent car dealers around the country. The company has expanded to become the biggest trade group in the nation that represents independent car dealers.


The first NIADA Convention and Expo took place in 1948, and it is now conducted yearly. Over time, the event has expanded tremendously. Numerous thousands of people come from all around the country to attend. The convention offers a variety of educational sessions, keynote addresses, and exhibitions that present the most recent goods, services, and technological advancements in the automobile sector.


Attendees will have the chance to network with other industry professionals, engage with top vendors and exhibitors, and learn from subject-matter experts at the event. This convention is a must-attend occasion for anybody in the automobile business because of its focus on education, networking, and innovation.

When is the 2023 NIADA Convention?

The 2023 NIADA Convention & Expo was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from June 19–22. This yearly event, which draws thousands of attendees from all across the nation, is one of the most eagerly awaited in the automobile business. It is a fantastic chance for professionals in the automotive sector to pick up important insights, information, and tools that will help them expand their company. The conference features a comprehensive selection of educational sessions, keynote addresses, and workshops that concentrate on the most recent trends, technology, and industry best practices.

The occasion offers a fantastic chance for networking. Participants can network with like-minded business people in the field, share ideas, and pick each other’s brains. Discover the newest goods, services, and technology in the market while interacting with top suppliers and exhibitors. Independent auto dealers that want to stay current on market trends and rules can profit from attending the fair. The gathering gives guests the tools, training, and advocacy they need to prevail in the cutthroat automobile industry.

Who ought to go to the NIADA Expo?

  • Anyone working in the automotive business should attend the NIADA Expo because it offers informative educational programs, chances to network, and access to the newest goods, services, and innovations. Here is a list of who should attend and participate in the expo.
  • Vehicle Manufacturers: At the expo, manufacturers of vehicles for the independent automotive market are allowed to display their goods and services.
  • Automotive Parts and Accessories Suppliers: Automotive parts and accessory suppliers are welcome to display their goods.
  • Automotive Finance and Insurance Companies: These businesses can display their goods and services if they serve the independent automotive sector.
  • Automobile marketing and advertising firms: These firms can showcase their services if they focus on the independent automobile sector.
  • Automobile technology providers can display their goods and services. These businesses offer technological solutions to the independent automobile sector.
  • Auto auctions: Independent automobile dealers can advertise their products and services at auto auctions that give them a place to buy and sell vehicles.
  • Automotive consulting companies: These companies can showcase their services if they focus on the independent automotive sector.

Providers of automotive data can highlight the advantages of their data and analytics offerings. These businesses serve the independent automotive sector.

Providers of automotive training and certification can advertise their services and increase exposure by offering these services to independent auto dealers, service providers, and industry experts.

Industry groups can make use of this chance to communicate with their members, offer guidance and support, and highlight their offerings.

Who ought to go to the NIADA Expo?

  • Independent Car Dealers: Independent car dealers who want to expand their operations, find out about new goods and services, and connect with other industry experts.
  • Automotive Service Providers: Auto repair shops, parts distributors, and detailing services are among the automotive service providers trying to connect with independent auto dealers and grow their clientele.
  • Professionals in the automotive industry: Professionals in the automotive industry, including consultants, lawyers, and accountants, offer specialized services to independent car dealers and other firms in the sector.
  • Suppliers to the Automotive Industry: Businesses that provide goods and services to the automotive sector, such as OEM producers, component suppliers, and technology providers, can highlight their portfolios and establish connections with independent car dealers.
  • Automobile journalists and bloggers: Those who write about the independent automobile sector have the opportunity to gain knowledge of current business trends, connect with peers in the field, and generate fresh ideas for articles.
  • Students majoring in subjects linked to the automotive sector, such as business, marketing, or engineering. These students can gain knowledge from subject matter experts, investigate new career paths, and establish contacts with possible employers.

Regulators and Policymakers in the business: Those in government who are in charge of regulating and making policies that affect the independent automobile business. They can get knowledge of fresh business trends, make contacts with top businesspeople, and gain a deeper comprehension of the opportunities and problems the business world faces.


Researchers and scholars who are interested in the automobile business can learn more about the independent auto market. They can display their research and skills in workshops and seminars while learning about the most recent trends and breakthroughs.


For anybody working in the automobile sector, the NIADA convention in Las Vegas is a must-attend event. If you are an independent auto dealer wishing to grow your company or a company looking to market your goods or services to this enormous and developing sector.

Agenda for the NIADA Convention

There is a jam-packed schedule of activities, lectures, and workshops at the NIADA Convention & Expo 2023. which are created to offer participants insightful information and training on the newest trends, technology, and best practices in the automobile sector.


  • Access to event information and updates is simple and convenient
  • Experience that is personalized based on the interests and preferences of the participants
  • Possibilities to interact and network with other conference participants, speakers, and exhibitors
  • Increased interest in and involvement in the event
  • Improved learning and memory thanks to access to resources and session materials

Attendees have had access to the NIADA Convention & Expo Mobile App. to make the most of their event experience and maintain contact with the most recent news and updates.


Anyone working in the automobile business who attended the NIADA Convention & Expo in 2023. Including automakers, independent vehicle dealers, automobile marketplaces, and auto repair shops. The Association has a long history dating back to 1946 and has become a respected voice and resource for the independent automotive business.

The Convention & Expo gave visitors the chance to network with peers and industry experts while learning about the newest trends and innovations. A jam-packed calendar of activities, discussions, and seminars can help them learn important lessons and further their education. The NIADA Convention & Expo is the place to be if you want to grow your business, find out about recent advances in your field, or meet other like-minded people.

There is something for everyone, from the opening ceremonies and keynote speeches to the educational sessions, workshops, and networking activities.

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