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We’re happy to announce that Fin, the AI bot for a variety of powerful language models, including OpenAI’s GPT-4, is now open to all users.


Fin is here to enable support teams that are concerned with the quality of the customer experience, building brand loyalty, and positioning themselves for success in an AI-powered customer service environment.


Describe Fin.


Large language models (LLMs), such as OpenAI’s GPT-4 and the ground-breaking AI chatbot Fin, use cutting-edge AI language models to consume your existing support information and handle up to 50% of inquiries in a trustworthy manner for your clients, offering safer, more accurate responses than any AI bot currently available.


Design with care, engineered for client service

With OpenAI and ChatGPT elevating generative AI to the forefront, there has been a significant advancement in AI and the potential of LLMs. When our engineers first had access to this technology as a result of our collaboration with OpenAI, we instantly saw the enormous potential to create a fantastic AI companion for customer support teams. Since then, our sole goal has been to develop the greatest customer service chatbot available.


Reskinning an existing LLM chat experience for customer service would have been a first-class solution. This strategy, which many AI chatbots have followed, wasn’t the appropriate move for us or our clients because it disregards the particular requirements of customer care teams and support leaders.


Thus, Fin was created to be:


Trustworthy Controllable Seamless


When we first began working on Fin, “hallucinations” were the frog in the GPT soup. How might we stop an AI bot from just making up responses or engaging in unethical chats with clients?


You can rely on an AI bot: Fin is only able to respond with information based on your support content at this time. Fin’s sources and their contents are your choices. Fin, unlike many other AI chatbots, doesn’t mind responding with “I don’t know” and quickly referring the customer to a member of your support staff if it can’t locate the solution in your help materials. As a result, you won’t have to worry about informing your clients incorrectly or deviating from business-related topics.



Customer loyalty is hard to earn and easy to lose; therefore, many CS leaders are wary of letting an AI chatbot handle their customers’ inquiries without adequate safeguards. We placed a huge premium on giving Fin a lot of control.


Human when you need it, control when you want it: You have complete control over who and what Fin responds to, as well as whether an inquiry requires a human touch. You can be confident Fin is operating in the way that best suits your company thanks to features like custom actions, which provide personalized responses to your most pressing questions, audience targeting, which ensures that Fin always reaches the correct customers, and the chance to preview Fin before making it live. Fin can triage complicated issues when it is unsure of the solution and transmit them to your human support teams, providing your clients with a frictionless experience.


Teams that provide seamless customer support have developed specialized workflows and procedures over time. An AI bot that brings a whole new and distinct method of functioning is the last thing they need. We were adamant that Fin ought to integrate easily into any CS team’s tech stack.


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How can Fin help you?

What can Fin actually do, though? A high-performing, futuristic AI chatbot sounds amazing in principle. The results of including Fin in your support menu are listed below.


How does Fin benefit your team?

Reduces support volume: Fin can quickly and accurately answer up to 50% of your support questions. Fin frees up support staff to concentrate on more complicated client inquiries that are best answered with a human touch by reducing the inbound traffic for your support team.

Enhances operational effectiveness: Not only us, but 67% of North American support leaders are planning to increase their investment in AI over the coming year. Fin is prepared to fill the void left by support teams’ ongoing pressure to accomplish more with fewer resources through drastically shortened response times, prompt and accurate responses, and smooth handoffs to your team as required.

makes teammates happier According to the 2023 Customer Service Trends Report, 81% of respondents think technology will help companies boost staff satisfaction and lower turnover. Fin gives support staff the opportunity to detach from the “hamster wheel” of client queries and concentrate on the most rewarding, high-impact aspects of their work, whether those be fostering customer loyalty through superior service, supporting team operations, or learning new skills.


How does Fin benefit your clients?

accelerated resolutions Many people associate the term “chatbot” with prolonged conversations that lead to irritation and unanswered questions. Up to 50% of inquiries are quickly resolved by Fin, and if it can’t locate the solution in your support materials, it can triage the inquiry before sending it to your staff. Fin offers the assistance your customers require at the time they require it, regardless of their questions.


Natural conversation: Your consumers won’t have to speak “robot” to talk to Fin. Conversational, polite, and natural interactions resemble speaking with a customer service representative. Fin doesn’t require particular wording to comprehend a customer’s query, in contrast to other chatbots. It is capable of understanding even the most difficult queries, asking clarifying questions to ensure maximum accuracy, and rephrasing assistance information so that customers can understand it.


answers that they can rely on This is where the doubt about chatbots stops. Fin links to its sources within your support content for every response it gives to a customer, ensuring that they are receiving accurate information.


as opposed to other chatbots

You won’t find anything like Fin in the customer service sector; here are just a few reasons why SimpSocial’s AI chatbot is particularly well-suited to your team. Customer service is evolving quickly, and there are already various chatbots on the market that function with ChatGPT.


Simple setup: Fin quickly consumes your support content (articles, the Zendesk Help Center, or any other publicly accessible URL) to start responding to inquiries in minutes. Simply direct it to your support content and turn it on, or, for further caution, preview your configuration before going live with Fin.

Fin can be customized to match your brand. You can rename it, replace the Fin icon with your own logo, and otherwise alter the Fin messenger to ensure that your clients arrive at a place they are familiar with when they need assistance.

Reach customers wherever they are with scalability. To provide your customers with a true omnichannel experience at scale, Fin can smoothly transition between Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.

Accuracy: In order to minimize hallucinations and avoid improper interactions, Fin draws its responses from your support information, limiting it to your approved resources when handling customer inquiries.

Reporting: A key component of any effective support staff is success measurement. Utilize usage and performance analytics to keep track of Fin’s progress; article-level metrics and content scores will be available soon.

Pricing: While rival companies base their prices for chatbots on metrics like deflection or API calls, we did a little more research to determine what would be most useful for support organizations. Although helpful in their own right, these indicators have the potential to be deceptive, leading to dissatisfied consumers and rising costs for your team. Fin charges based on resolution, or the proportion of support tickets handled by Fin where the user indicated Fin resolved their issue or left without requesting a human interaction. In this manner, you can be certain that when you pay Fin, you’re paying for outcomes.


What will Fin do next?

We’ve created an innovative AI bot that is providing support teams with amazing outcomes, but we’re far from done. We are aiming to enhance and add to everything Fin has to offer while also taking into account all of our client’s feedback. Here are a few of the projects we’re engaged in:


Resolutions in several languages: By the end of the year, Fin will be able to recognize the language of a customer and react in any of the 43 languages that we offer.

Own conversation data to power Fin: We’re working to bring your chat data to Fin as input. This would imply that Fin would include knowledge from responses provided by your support reps in addition to learning and improving as you update your help content, increasing its capacity to lower your support volume.

Improved reporting: In addition to the planned article-level reporting and content scores that we’ve already announced, Email as a Fin channel: Email as a communication channel is a priority for us. We’re committed to creating Fin, an omnichannel chatbot, and we’re getting there.

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