Even Your Most Loyal Clients Can Defect Due to This Hidden Issue

Even your most devoted consumers may start taking their business elsewhere for service for a rarely-discussed reason.


When a vehicle breaks down, the owner’s roadside assistance company will frequently transport it to a nearby service center or to one with which the towing company has a relationship. If the customer decides to keep using the other service center, your dealership may lose out on sales for future services in addition to that repair.


You can keep or win back those devoted clients by comprehending the mental processes underlying this occurrence and creating plans to solve it.



Why Do Loyal Clients Seek Alternative Repair Services?

Despite the wonderful rapport you may have with your devoted clients, they might not always have a choice as to where their car receives emergency repairs. When something does go wrong, it always occurs at the worst time, according to an amendment to Murphy’s law. This is never more true than when it comes to issues with vehicles.


Your customers may experience a great deal of distress and worry if their automobile breaks down in the middle of the night, during poor weather, or when they are out of town. The presence of a towing business or roadside help is frequently so appreciated that the automobile owner isn’t really concerned about where their car is towed at that particular time.


Or perhaps your customer tries to have their car towed to your dealership but is informed that it cannot be done. In some circumstances, this can be the result of the driver being limited to towing the car to the closest repair facility. In other cases, it’s possible that the tow truck firm only tows to a repair facility because it’s affiliated with that facility.


Keeping Customers From Leaving Your Business

The good news is that there are a number of tactics you can use to prevent more of your clients from leaving and going somewhere else.


Roadside assistance from a dependable dealer


You can give your clients the security that roadside assistance offers while also ensuring that they are towed back to your dealership if they break down nearby with dealer-loyal roadside assistance services like SimpSocial’s. When an owner’s car breaks down within 25 miles of your dealership, you’ll tow them to your service facility so they can get repairs done by mechanics they already know and like. These kinds of programs benefit both you and your client.



Conduct thorough inspections after each service


Let this be yet another excuse to perform multi-point inspections whenever you get the chance because most dealerships are aware of their potential value. You may save your customer a lot of hassle and lessen the likelihood that they will need an emergency repair at another service location by identifying problems before they lead to a breakdown.


Encourage your clients to visit more frequently


Obviously, a customer’s vehicle must be brought in for such inspections. Additionally, those opportunities may seem few given the steadily increasing lengthening of suggested service intervals. Focus on your customers’ requirements for routine tire rotations and think about providing extra value via a retention product like SimpSocial to get them to bring in their vehicles more frequently.



Bringing Back Customers

Could it be too late? What if a customer ends up visiting another service facility and stays there frequently rather than coming back to you when the emergency has passed?


What is required are some tactics intended to win back your devoted clients. Here are a few recommendations:



Consistently send out reminders


Build signing up every customer for routine maintenance reminders into your plan for the best conversion from sales to service. Make sure that these are tailored to your clients, especially those who are currently seeking their maintenance needs elsewhere.


By admitting that it has been a long time since they last received service, for instance, you may show your consumers that they are more than just a number to you. Send your consumers news that they can use right away but isn’t necessarily particular to your dealership along with your reminders. For instance, highlight upcoming events, provide maintenance advice, or inform them of the most recent developments in the auto sector.



Make Your Differences Clear


Do your devoted consumers realize that your dealership is different from all the others out there? Whether you provide complimentary drinks, a kid-friendly waiting area, or a loaner automobile for particular services, let your clients know that their requirements will be met if they choose to come back.


Make sure that clients can readily access your employees and services. Every employee should have their name, position, and contact information readily available on your website so that clients may get in touch with them directly with inquiries, suggestions, and complaints. Make it a point to speak with regular customers to show that individuals in leadership positions are transparent. They’ll experience the feelings of value, assurance, and importance that you want them to connect with your dealership.




It may feel uncontrollable to lose a devoted client to a rival service provider owing to an emergency. You can nonetheless address or even completely avoid the problem by thoughtfully and creatively putting the aforementioned ideas into practice.

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