Even in the midst of a global pandemic, you will increase property sales

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, you will increase property sales.

The new pandemic’s uncertainty has begun to have an effect. Working conditions restrictions for the ‘new standard’ are causing a deadly change in the global economy. Physical separation has caused the real estate industry to suspend activities such as open houses, home inspections, and even the building of new homes.

The pace of real estate investment is expected to slow. In the midst of the pandemic, however, there is a ray of hope for realtors, as many people are becoming more willing to purchase homes. Prices have dropped, working conditions have changed, and more people are working from home, which has resulted in a rise in homebuyers.

The big question now is how prepared you are as a realtor to help these homebuyers close property investment deals in the face of COVID-19’s threats. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions to assist you.

Minimize face-to-face interaction and increase online connectivity

Building trust is the most important factor in converting leads into closed sales when selling a home. Thanks to the internet, there are several options for communication and ways to keep consumers informed while also gaining their interest.

And if you were using online platforms to attract more customers prior to the pandemic, you should be aware of how they would help you directly connect your brand to them. You can advertise properties using images or live videos if you’ve managed to create social media accounts. Ads will help you reach out to your target market. To meet your clients, make use of all online marketing resources available to you, such as a completely online contact center portal.

Property inspections can be replaced with virtual tours.

One of the most difficult issues is determining how to sell a property when physical contact is prohibited. Transform physical property inspections into virtual video displays or live virtual tours instead. It will take a little more time, but it will undoubtedly increase the selling points. Consider it fresh marketing materials to spice up the sales pitches.

worldwide contact through the internet

Follow the correct procedures.

Sure, some buyers may need to physically inspect the property they are purchasing to determine if it is a good match. Before a physical meeting, make a list of the appropriate protocols and give them to your client. Before a property inspection, you should remind your prospects of essential reminders such as proper distancing, “No mask, no entry” regulations, sanitation procedures, and the like. This also demonstrates that you are concerned for the welfare of your clients.

Before and after, disinfect and sanitize.

Another thing to think about during these difficult times is how to COVID-proof the assets you’re selling both before and after a physical property inspection. Before inviting your clients in and after they leave, disinfect the floors, walkways, and door handles. This results in a conscientious realtor that puts their clients’ protection first.

Boost your sales team’s efficiency.

Your outbound sales team will face the most challenges, which is why you should look for ways to assist them. One option is to set up a contact center for your real estate company, but will this be feasible during the pandemic? Perhaps it’s time you got to know SimpSocial. Its numerous sales and support features will assist you in running your real estate company and smashing quotas without the need for face-to-face interaction. SimpSocial has a strong sales dialer built specifically for real estate agents.

For starters, SimpSocial’s Power Dialer automates your outbound sales process by calling your leads with just one press. An omnichannel platform helps you to reach leads on any platform, including SMS, making product promotion easier. With SimpSocial’s efficiency and automation software, you can overcome the challenges of working from home.

Are you ready to increase your property sales?

There’s no question that SimpSocial will assist your real estate company in getting ahead in these challenging times. Do you want to see how SimpSocial really works? Our experts will be delighted to assist you. Make an appointment and let’s talk!

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