Establishing Appointments 101

One of your objectives when working in customer service for a dealership may be to schedule appointments for individuals to come in and test drive new vehicles. This may seem like a waste of time if you are new to the dealership, especially if individuals frequently drop by without an appointment to buy a car. However, making appointments is one of the most beneficial ways you can boost the dealership’s profits.




Even if your dealership receives a lot of walk-in business, appointments are a highly effective technique to guarantee a sale. The majority of people entering from the street undertake window shopping. Although they might know what they want, they might not be prepared to make a purchase just yet. The salesperson has wasted their time if they test drive a few cars and opt to buy somewhere else. The person who calls to make an appointment, on the other hand, is more serious about their plans to purchase a car from your dealership. You can prepare for them by setting an appointment with the sales team. Consider making an appointment as a pre-closing transaction. You are one of their initial contacts, and the impression you make on them may determine whether or not they choose to buy a car from you.




Setting an appointment with a customer enables the sales team to prepare for them and ensure that the appropriate cars are placed in front of them, which is one of the major advantages. Inquire about their budget, preferred automobile model, desired features, desired colors, and other pertinent information throughout your phone conversation. Many visitors conduct their own research in advance and bring vehicles they wish to test drive, but having this knowledge might assist your crew in spotting additional vehicles that they may have overlooked. A terrific technique to make the appropriate impression and close the deal is to be treated like a valued customer.




Even though you might not seal the purchase over the phone, every encounter you have with them might set them up to do so. You may appear certain and cover all of your bases by using the phone script. Make sure you fully address all of their inquiries, and ask more in-depth questions as opposed to straightforward yes-or-no inquiries. The prospective customer will feel more confident as a result of all of these factors. Consider what works best and is most convenient for your customer when choosing an appointment time. It’s more probable that they will keep their appointment if you work around their schedule. Talking them through what to anticipate from reminders and their actual appointment is a wonderful idea as well. The more you prepare them, the more likely it is that your appointment will go well.




It’s crucial to monitor the appropriate metrics to make sure that your phone calls are as successful as they can be in scheduling appointments. Both the ratio of phone calls to scheduled appointments and the ratio of scheduled appointments to actual appointments are critical indicators of how well things are running. It indicates a problem with the way the phone calls are going if not many appointments are made or if a significant portion of the scheduled appointments are not kept. This might necessitate further instruction or a change to the current phone scripts. The best performers can be found using these criteria as well. Consider what your top achievers do that is effective and whether you can implement that with the rest of your team.


One of your most effective pre-sales tactics for selling cars is making appointments. These phone calls can prepare the sales staff and the customer for a fruitful visit and make a wonderful impression with the right training. Make sure to concentrate your efforts on improving your phone calls.

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