Emotional Perception: The Smile on the Dial

The adage “smile when you dial” is more than just a catchphrase; there has been extensive research on the subject and convincing evidence of the effectiveness of the practice. It claims that smiling while speaking on the phone increases sales and support efforts and fosters customer trust.


 Smiling alters voice inflection and releases endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, which elevate the smiler’s mood and enhance the customer experience.


Emotive perception is triggered by smiling, and in scientific terminology,


involves automatic pre- and primary-motor, as well as somatosensory cortex activation, and the inhibition of sensorimotor network activity lowers performance on subtle or difficult emotion recognition tests. The social context and motivation of the perceiver influence the sensorimotor simulation of facial expressions, which is automatic and probably unconscious.


In plain English, this indicates that grinning makes other people want to grin back at us. Therefore, callers who hear a grin in the representative they are speaking to are subtly urged to smile as well, which causes the production of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin and lifts their mood.


The simple fact is that nice callers convert more clients and foster brand loyalty more effectively than any other single resource out there, despite the fact that it may seem overly simple and that it has worked in numerous situations.


In a survey conducted by Microsoft with thousands of customers from around the world, the majority of participants said they still prefer to contact merchants over the phone. Additionally, 56% of respondents said they have ceased doing business with a brand because of bad customer service, and 96% of respondents said that customer service is vital to their brand loyalty.


At SimpSocial, we have firsthand experience with the importance of a smile on the phone. It has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness through innumerable customer interactions.


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