Email Is More Than Just an Address; It Gives You Device Access

Over the past 25 years, email has been through a long and interesting transformation. From being seen as cutting edge in the early 1990s to being oh-so-passé for the majority of the 2000s, email is now a dependable mode of focused marketing that constantly generates outstanding engagement rates.


Email is useful for more than just that, though. Although having verified consumer email addresses is important for any focused, direct, or digital marketing plan, it is even more valuable than one might initially think.


The principal cause? Almost everyone you interact with on a daily basis is experiencing it right now, including you. Yes, I’m referring to our phones or, more broadly, smart devices.


Since they debuted in the late 2000s, smart devices have practically taken over the world. Now that our phones, tablets, and TVs can all access the internet, a vast majority of those gadgets are linked to an email account.


This implies that getting a customer’s email address now also gives you access to their device, rather than just using it to target them afterward.


What Can You Get With Device Access?

The importance and power of getting an email account have never been higher. Consider all the digital channels you can use to reach both current and new clients, including search, display, YouTube, Facebook, and others. If you have access to a verified email account, you have advertising access to all of the devices connected to that email address.


In other words, the mobile nature of the majority of our smart devices opens the door for you to reach someone whenever and wherever you are. Never undervalue the marketing potential of maintaining a constant presence in a customer’s thoughts.


Now, access by itself does not ensure the success of upcoming efforts. When it comes to knowing how to optimize for different channels and platforms, when to push a given message hard and when to scale it back, and what the content of that messaging should even be based on important consumer and demographic information, here is where genuine skill comes into play.


These are all crucial elements when putting together any real targeted marketing, but once again, one of the first stages to success is protecting the customer’s email. It opens the door to device access in the always-connected world of today.


Keep in mind the significance of your dealership data when determining what kind of messaging will help a particular consumer get closer to making a purchase. Maintaining clean, accurate, and up-to-date client data is essential. This includes having verified email addresses, basic identifying information, and any purchasing history with your dealership.



Although email may have firmly occupied its own niche in focused marketing over the past several years, that doesn’t imply it has reached the pinnacle of its value; rather, it provides access to both current and potential customers in a manner that no other single piece of information can. Accept the mentality that all of your client data should be handled with the same level of accuracy and always get the email.


When you do this and gain device access, a universe of opportunities will become available for your upcoming campaigns.

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