Eight Video Marketing Stats for Dealerships

Video Marketing

Because it’s frequently simpler and more entertaining to watch a short video than to read an essay, video advertising is expanding. Using video in your marketing will only become more important as consumers demand more easily accessible and engaging information. Consider the following statistics as you decide how the video will benefit your dealership:

The Typical Influence

 More than 75% of auto buyers claim that web video has influenced their purchasing decisions or shopping habits.

Why wouldn’t your customers want to take advantage of the abundance of car-related video content available? You have the chance to offer your consumers all the dealership-specific information they might be looking for, such as instructions on how to book a service appointment or finish a step of the car-buying process online with you. Do you have a worker who is extremely charismatic? To give your viewers an understanding of these straightforward, enjoyable procedures within your dealership, think about having them speak in front of the camera.

The Serious Scholar

Surely two statistics are preferable to one?

More than 60% of prospective car buyers who utilized video in their research said they visited a dealership or the dealership website after viewing a video of a car they were thinking about.

More than 40% of car buyers who utilized web video for research claimed it led them to a vehicle they hadn’t even considered or known existed.

The decision to buy a car is not one to be taken lightly, so it is understandable if consumers want to weigh all of their alternatives before making such a significant investment. In spite of this, video marketing can make your dealership stand out as a serious contender for potential customers. Combining inventory-specific ads with content like test drive videos and feature reviews will give your customers more assurance when making decisions.

The Adventurer

According to 59% of Gen Zers, they utilize short-form video apps to explore content before watching longer versions.

There are many other types of short-form films besides TikToks; to mention a few, there are YouTube shorts, Facebook reels, and Instagram stories. Dealers shouldn’t undervalue the weight that a minute-long video may carry (especially when paired with some longer, more in-depth movies for those who want to hear more). The short-form video comes in a variety of formats.

Bonus Advice: YouTube has a number of ad types, with bumper ads being one of them. Since viewers cannot ignore these 6-second advertisements that play at the start of videos, they are excellent for spreading short messages or brand recognition.

The Person Who Has Service in Mind

65% of people claim to use YouTube to find assistance with house or car repairs.

Advertising your permanent operations can help position your dealership as a friendly service destination for both current and potential clients in the huge and intensely competitive service market.

When it comes to videos about services, think of topics like “how to figure out what’s wrong with my car” or “the most typical winter car problems.” These kinds of films give your consumers the information they need while also establishing your dealership as a go-to source for those more in-depth ROs (not to mention the opportunity to retarget these video viewers with future dealership material).

the virtual participant

Since we’re discussing the video, it only seemed appropriate to call this one a double feature:

YouTube “test drive” video watch time has increased by more than 65% over the last two years.

According to 64% of consumers who view online videos to inform their purchases, new formats like 360-degree video would persuade them to buy a car without taking it for a test drive.

The likelihood of having in-person interactions with customers has decreased. Customers are increasingly making purchases online, including their next car, so if your dealership isn’t offering inventory-related video content to satisfy the desire to virtually inspect the vehicle before making a purchase, someone else is. Think about how much revenue you’re losing because internet shoppers need more information before they feel comfortable making a purchase.

The AV enthusiast

On YouTube, 95 percent of the ads are presented with sound on.

Play a video ad while muting the sound. What kind of message did it send?

Restart the sound system, then close your eyes. Is the message the same if you only watch the video?

A strong message may be seen or heard by your audience with little to no effort on their part. While adopting a memorable slogan or jingle is OK, avoid relying too much on them. Use noises that complement your visual material but aren’t crucial for comprehension, such as an engine roaring or a dangerous light blinking. Additionally, when your message is delivered verbally, make sure to add captions so that viewers who use captions or are on mute won’t miss that part of the video.

The Extra Trick

Video advertising may be challenging, and not everyone has the time or the requisite expertise to produce and disseminate the desired video material. But don’t let that deter you; by working with experts, you may play to your strengths and successfully land the perfect clients for your dealership.

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