Effective Content Strategies for Your Automobile Dealership

Ideas for basic and inventive material that will promote your dealership both online and offline


Nowadays, having an internet presence appears essential for a company to succeed. Since you can expand your reach in the modern digital era, the internet is a great way to sell goods and services. For auto dealers, it is the same.


Online Content and Presence 101

A blog or website for a dealership might serve as a digital showroom. To answer any questions a potential buyer may have, the dealer can show a wide variety of products and even provide live chat through an employee. But unless you’re driving visitors to your website or social media platform, the virtual showroom won’t be useful. You’ll need quality content for this.


It’s important to consider the needs of your potential customers when creating content. Because of this, the information you create must be valuable to their lives and relate to the services or goods you provide. Consider the demographics of the clients you serve in your area. What are they seeking? And no, we’re not referring to any particular cars. Consider broader topics like education, community, and human interest.


Here are some suggestions to get you started if you need assistance with brainstorming.


Car Maintenance Tips

Offer some sound suggestions if you want your clients to feel like they are receiving the greatest care possible. A fantastic place to start is with a blog or video series on how to take care of your car. This will not only benefit your clients, but it will also provide them with a reason to return to your website or platform and perhaps even make a service booking.


Typical auto maintenance tips include:


Recommended intervals for services such as brake repairs and oil changes


How to determine when to change your tires


You can perform quick maintenance on your driveway.


How long do larger projects usually take?


An explanation of dashboard warnings and what they signify


A round of “What’s that noise?” and possible explanations


general recommendations for increasing your car’s lifespan


Buyer’s Manuals

Your customers will benefit from a buyer’s guide on your website or blog in a number of ways. The guide will assist customers in locating the vehicle they desire and show them the benefits of doing business with your dealership. Additionally, your dealership will be recognized by your clients as a valuable resource for all of their automotive needs.


You may add information on how to pick the best automobile for your needs, the best vehicles for work, family, and commuting, quizzes, the advantages of leasing over purchasing, comprehensive explanations of the warranty choices, and even what to do with your old car. If you claim to make “car buying easy,” then make it so. There should be no question unanswered!


Stories of Community Success

Many folks who have been helped by your dealership to get on the road may have interesting experiences to share. Think about gathering consumer testimonies and utilizing them in article creation. This will help interested consumers understand more about the long-term repercussions of acquiring a vehicle from your dealership and will not only give your customers an opportunity to be acknowledged.


You can also mention neighborhood activities in which your dealership participates and other methods by which you give back to your neighborhood. Such content is frequently provided by many of our dealer partners, and our statistics indicate that it is widely read and shared. Enjoy yourself while taking pictures, tagging actual people, and posting them to your Facebook or Instagram page.


Here are a few illustrations:


Giveaway of Community Cars by Lange & Fetter


Scott Campbell Dodge’s Program to Appreciate Farmers


The annual 50/50 charity draw at PineRidge Ford


At the 12th Annual Jubilee Hospital Foundation Charity Classic, Vernon Toyota


Castlegar Toyota’s Regular Charitable Activities


Dedicated to paying a living wage, Haley RV


Content for Driver Education

Show your dedication to safety if you want to create a dealership that customers feel they can trust. Content for driver education demonstrates to your clients how much you care about their safety. This is a fantastic method to encourage everyone to drive more safely.


Offering free in-store driver education classes to the neighborhood can take this a step further. It drives customers directly from your dealer website into your shop, where they can interact with your employees and begin forming connections.


Market-valued items

Your clients will probably want to know what kind of value they can get out of a car. Consider producing information on automobile models and their worth or on market trends and what clients may anticipate if they decide to sell their vehicle in the future. They will receive practical financial management tips from this.


Blog Posts That Improve SEO

Consider making material that appeals to search engines if you want your dealership to have more of an online presence. Find out more about ranking for specific keywords and search engine optimization (SEO). Your website will receive better traffic as a result, and search engines will index it more frequently. Check out our blog post on the same subject here for additional writing advice (we know, blogging about blogging is quite meta!).


Put your dealership in the spotlight by using your dealer website!

The possibilities for creating content for your dealership may be enormous. You’ll stand a much greater chance of bringing in customers if you can successfully market your dealership both online and offline. Just keep in mind that you should provide your audience with material that is both helpful and worthwhile.


With our assistance, increase your content marketing! At SimpSocial, we’re dedicated to producing high-quality content that will hold your audience’s attention. Join forces with us, and we’ll produce content that will bring you more clients!

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