Easy and Fun Ways to Gain Facebook Fans

Simply put, if you’re looking for suggestions on how to get people to visit your dealership’s Facebook page again and again, here are five short strategies. The Internet Manager at your dealership doesn’t need to feel overwhelmed by these marketing suggestions. Everyone at your dealership can participate, and it can be enjoyable.


Fans are welcome to your upcoming online event!


Start by looking at your current clientele. Simply point and click to invite them to your next event. Most importantly, request a friend from every fan. Friends and followers can connect on Facebook in a variety of ways. Additionally, everyone appreciates invitations to upcoming events. Post a few images of your sexiest cars and thrilling event highlights. And see how your following grows!


Give fans discounts or other rewards!


Consumers may not be reading the Sunday newspaper because they like to save money. Additionally, make sure to note any price reductions on your Facebook page if your dealership is doing so. When potential customers are actively looking to buy, you want to remain in front of them. Therefore, share your service department coupons with the world by posting them on Facebook. Regularly update incentives. Just ask them to “LIKE” (or give it a thumbs up) your Facebook page.


Make it easier to lease a car and make other purchase choices!


Finding quality leasing offers can be difficult. Even more difficult than following the procedures is understanding them. Give rapid advice on the entire car-buying process. More frequently your friends will spread the word to their friends, the simpler the process and the shorter your advice is!


Inform your followers on how to take care of their cars!


Provide entertaining “How-to” and “Do-it-yourself” guides, as well as safety advice, for your fans. Offer helpful car maintenance advice and have your service department host frequent Q&A sessions where fans may participate. For example, you could ask: “Will skipping an oil change shorten the life of my vehicle?” Don’t be hesitant to include a YouTube link to a step-by-step tutorial. Your followers will be grateful that you helped them save a few dollars!


Lead your Facebook group with integrity!


Share news and article links on your Facebook page from other websites and blogs. Websites for automakers, auto lovers, and trade publications can be of interest to some fans. The links will keep fans informed of business developments. The data may be displayed on a new page. Your supporters won’t need to leave your Facebook page if you do it this way!


Do not neglect to involve everyone at the dealership. Simply provide a link to your Facebook page in everyone’s email signature to encourage daily visits.

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