Dynamic content, granular subscriptions, survey upgrade options, and more were all built for you.

Customer involvement is the secret to retention and loyalty, according to a recently released study from the Harvard Business Review Analytic Service, sponsored by SimpSocial, which was published in July. Because customer satisfaction is our number one priority at SimpSocial, we’re hard at work creating essential features that will enable you to advance your customer engagement program.


Let’s explore the most interesting things we created for you in July, shall we?


Increase response rates using the newest features in Surveys.


Let’s face it: it’s tempting to skip a survey entirely if it isn’t quick and convenient. We’ve added two new elements that will elevate your surveys, make them more approachable and interesting, and increase the response rates from your customers:


To make survey participation simpler and faster for your consumers, embed the survey in an email.


Before you start your survey, look at it through the eyes of your customers with the new live preview feature.


Scalable, targeted dialogues with dynamic content


Improve customer satisfaction by sending out more specialized, individualized communications. SimpSocial Dynamic Content makes use of your current customer data to enable you to design highly focused rules, ensuring that you are communicating with the appropriate audience at the appropriate moment.


Link Custom Bots to make the most of your team’s time.


Create pertinent content as quickly as possible. Duplicate content between bots is finally eradicated thanks to custom bot linkage. Your support teams may now create a bot that specializes in a specific subject (like refunds) and connect it to other bots so they can get the data your clients require at any time.


handle granular subscriptions to various email lists.


Send numerous marketing communications (newsletter, onboarding, product launches, promotions) from a single tool by consolidating your marketing stack. Customers are put in charge of their own unique experience thanks to a granular subscription, which makes it simple for them to opt out of communications that aren’t absolutely necessary without losing out on what matters to them.


subscriber granularities


Updated sender address settings will help you provide support that is more tailored to your needs.


With SimpSocial’s revised sender address settings, you can map your sender address to the inbound address where your clients contact you. If a client uses this option to contact you, your responses will also originate from support@examply.com, adding an extra layer of personalization and security.


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