Do you lack LeadsCon?

If you are involved in marketing or provide telecom support to marketing, you are aware that voice and messaging are essential components of lead generation and the consumer experience as a whole. Consequently, lead generation best practices are evolving at the same rate as the telecom industry and its rules and regulations. How can one keep up?


LeadsCon is the premier event for remaining current on lead generation, nurturing, and conversion. However, if you are like the majority of us, there is neither time nor money to attend. This year, SimpSocial has a team attending, and in this month’s industry briefing, we’ll take you along for the voyage!


Join SimpSocial Marketing Director and webinar presenter SimpSocialĀ  as he discusses the following topics with industry experts, strategists, customers, and exhibitors from 25 different verticals:


-Building an impenetrable, completely compliant opt-in messaging list of individuals who want to hear from you!


How selecting the optimal voice service provider can maximize the return on your investment in speaking


-What prospects anticipate from a well-executed text message (hint: the principles can actually assist you!)


What is your approach to numbers? Whether you’re calling or texting, the number(s) you use say something about you.


-The benefits of a SimpSocial lead generation strategy


-Tips for ensuring that your messaging campaigns are authorized and implemented


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