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To succeed in the online world, your car dealership will increasingly rely on digital marketing. A strong automotive digital marketing plan will help you stay ahead of the competition as customers make judgments about where to shop for cars through online searches. Here are some of the best recommendations we have for giving your dealership the upper hand.


Improve your SEO tactics.

When developing your digital marketing strategy, keep in mind that the majority of customers will find your company through search engine results. As a result, having a solid, multifaceted SEO approach will increase the visibility of your dealership to potential customers. There are various methods for doing this.


For instance, since Google is the most popular search engine, it is beneficial to claim your Google My Business profile and include the relevant details that your consumers require. It will improve your organic SEO, particularly if clients conduct searches connected to your neighborhood of operation.


Make your website appealing and mobile-friendly.

A mobile-optimized website is essential for automobile digital marketing since it is possible that Google will index the mobile version of your website above the desktop one in search results. At the same time, it acknowledges the fact that the majority of people use their cell phones to swiftly find information. Your website should be mobile-friendly to help potential leads find the information or cars they need.


interact with clients on social media

These days, social media search results for your company are also quite important. People shopping for automobiles will notice that your company is prepared to assist them in making an informed decision if you take the time to cultivate your social media presence through effective involvement. You’ll need to spend a lot of time on social media or work with professionals like SimpSocial to handle your automotive digital marketing.


Social media participation also creates a consumer base that will be eager to support your company. Whether they are going through the sales or service process, they will regard your dealership as a reliable partner. They will be delighted to recommend your company to others and offer you suggestions for improvement. It motivates clients to collaborate with you to fulfill their automobile needs. One of the best locations to interact with your consumers is on Facebook. These ten facts will assist you in marketing your dealership.


Additionally, receiving immediate feedback—both positive and negative—can help your company succeed. The next piece of advice addresses this.


Manage your online reputation well.

Negative reviews are frequently seen when dealing with feedback, whether it be on social media or review websites online. The way people perceive your company will depend on what they see. It matters how you respond to those reviews to influence how positively people regard your dealership.


Online reputation management for automotive businesses entails responding to unfavorable comments in an open, respectful, and professional manner. Most consumers will be sensible enough to appreciate that a company contacted them about their complaint, even if the criticism is obviously untrue. Even the most critical reviewer can become a fan with an open discussion of their issues and a genuine desire to find a solution.


There are easy search-focused tactics that can boost your online presence and your automotive digital marketing. The following 5 steps will help you improve your company’s online reputation using Google My Business.


These are only a few of the pieces of advice we may give regarding automotive digital marketing. Need more? Request a free Intel report today to receive a custom analysis of your company’s online presence along with practical advice on how to address our findings. Get yours right now, visit

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