Developing strong Research and Data Science teams with clear career prospects

SimpSocial is fixated on the success of its clients.


We research the preferences, requirements, and actions of our clients so that we can fully comprehend their issues and offer the best solutions. When it comes to uncovering comprehensive insights about our customers and ensuring that we are developing goods that actually add value, research, and data science are crucial.


We established a new department called RAD (research, analytics, and data science) around 18 months ago to make sure we develop the most complete picture of our clients and their demands. With the goal of guiding efficient, fact-based decisions, RAD unites our Product Research and Product Analytics (also known as Data Science) teams into a single organization.


We hired new, talented, and committed people, and we built a set of rituals and procedures.


We have to construct for high performance.


Building goods that provide value and have a positive impact on both our customers and our business is what matters most, and our insights are used to assist the company focus on this.


After establishing the unified function, we started the process of assembling a top-notch staff. We established the appropriate organizational structure and methods of operation, as well as a defined team mission, vision, and purpose. We hired new, talented, and enthusiastic people, and we built a set of rituals and procedures.

The development of specialized RAD career ladders was a crucial milestone on our route to high performance. These assisted us in:

* Make roles and duties clear for everyone on the team.

* Establish explicit standards and requirements for team members.

* Encourage advancement in your career.

* Fairly evaluate and calibrate performance.


We were able to create a more cohesive team that can effectively support one another, hold one another responsible, and work toward common goals by aligning the team on the behaviors and standards we demand from our teammates.


The career paths of Team RAD


Despite the fact that the majority of career options may entail moving into management, at SimpSocial we think that the manager path is a lateral career move rather than a promotion. We view management as a distinct craft in and of itself. In order to build two unique main career pathways within team RAD, individual contributor (IC) and manager, we collaborated with RAD managers Nick, Louis, and Hayley.


Our researchers, data scientists, and managers are expected to have opinions, and mastery and communication come first.

There are certain traits that we look for in every member of our RAD team; we value communication and mastery above all else, and we anticipate that our managers, data scientists, and researchers will have ideas. In a business where objectivity is valued, this may seem illogical, but expert judgment is an essential component of company strategy decisions, which are based on subjective analysis of facts.


However, ICs and Managers are two completely distinct professions with distinct requirements for abilities, duties, and operations. The ladder and competencies we’ve listed for each path reflect this.


The individual contributor track for Team RAD


Any team needs individual contributors (ICs), who are crucial to its success. Performance is evaluated based on the six key skill sets that we believe are essential for Researchers and Data Scientists to succeed in SimpSocial and advance in their careers. These skill sets are covered by the Associate, Mid-Level, Senior, Staff, Principal, and Senior Principal Data Scientist/Researcher levels of the IC track in RAD.


Individual Contributors need the following six sets of skills:

* Mastery

* relationships and sway

* Impact

* Leadership

* Communication

* Feedback and teamwork

* Mastery


Become an authority on the fundamental abilities, knowledge, and tools required to flourish in the unique fields of research or data science.


certain abilities:

* Tools and procedures

* analytical and technical skills

* Programming

* research methods

* relationships and sway


Develop a thorough understanding of SimpSocial, our products, and how our business operations work. Create dependable alliances, increase influence and consensus, and impart knowledge to others.


knowledge of and vision for products and businesses


Strong ties and cross-functional collaboration




the capacity to break through barriers, show initiative, and take the initiative. It needs a focus on real-world business, customer, and team effects and takes into account the scale, scope, and value of the effort.


certain abilities:




Self-motivation and initiative


scope, presence, and impact




Set a good example for your team and the organization as a whole and aim to continually raise the standard.


certain abilities:

* putting the team and corporate principles to use

* Mentorship

* sharing of knowledge and branding

* Onboarding and hiring

* Communication


Share research in a way that is acceptable for the audience, and engage in extensive internal and external communication about our organization and your work. The foundation of this talent is advanced storytelling abilities.


Feedback and teamwork


includes aspects like teamwork, interpersonal relationships, an emphasis on providing and receiving good feedback, and serving as an example for others.


“Managers should serve as an example of the team’s values and assist in elevating the RAD function.”


Track for Team RAD Management


The expectations are a little different for those who choose the management path, which includes senior management. They are categorized into five skill sets, each with a set of related competencies.


Research and data science managers need the following five sets of skills:

1. Leadership

2. People administration

3. Business Tactics

4. Product management

5. Effect and execution

6. Leadership


Effective managers should be able to inspire, involve, and collaborate with both their immediate team and the larger R&D organization. They ought to advance the RAD function and serve as an example of the team’s values.


certain abilities:


fostering team engagement and motivation.


Using efficient communication while assisting coworkers and leaders to enhance communication both within the team and with the larger organization.


collaborating and establishing connections with key corporate stakeholders, as well as identifying chances for cross-functional collaborations.


Enhancing the RAD function through taking part in RAD programs and projects, showcasing thought leadership, and influencing the organization’s strategy and direction.


building your reputation both internally and externally as the go-to domain expert for a particular field of knowledge.


demonstrating, encouraging, and assisting leadership in modeling team values.


People administration


By bringing on talented individuals and helping them reach their full potential, you can create a team that performs well.


Recruitment and hiring: Participating in our employment process and seizing every chance to make it more equitable and welcome for all candidates.


providing direct reporting with regular, positive feedback and identifying potential areas for improvement.


Business Tactics


RAD managers must be aware of our corporate strategy and have sound business judgment. They use insights and data to assist define company strategy and commercial performance by bridging the gap between our customers, our products, and our business outcomes.


certain abilities:


Understanding our corporate strategy and how it connects to their area of responsibility, and promoting strategies to use research and data science to directly influence our commercial performance.


Recognizing new chances to boost business performance, enhancing how we assess the performance of our products, and understanding the commercial levers of our company.


Coaching their staff in these skills requires an understanding of the landscape of rival companies and current market trends.


Product management


Create a compelling product plan using insights, data, and results.


Developing and spreading a deep grasp of our customers’ needs and wants, as well as looking for ways to bring our R&D teams and customers closer together.


Recognizing what a good approach looks like and providing input and knowledge.


identifying chances to enhance procedures and train their teams.


“We set up clear standards from the moment people join SimpSocial, showing them what great looks like.”


Effect and execution


Help teams produce outstanding data science and research that has a real impact on our products, company, and clients.

bringing functional expertise, extensive subject expertise, and general industry understanding.


recognizing the role that our R&D processes and guiding concepts play in our overall product strategy. Senior managers should have a significant impact on teams and functions outside of their own.


establishing meaningful objectives and enhancing team planning and prioritizing procedures.


Facilitating the delivery of high-quality work, providing helpful criticism, and ensuring that the team’s work is shared with the rest of the organization are all examples of leading exceptional work.


Clearly stated goals promote growth and influence


At SimpSocial, we seek out individuals who are brilliant, ambitious, and driven to succeed. We are transparent about our expectations so that they may produce value, perform their best job to date, and grow in amazing ways. We set up clear standards from the minute they join us to show them what excellent looks like.


As Team RAD is still in its infancy, there is still a lot of opportunity to mold the kind of team we develop and the impact we make. Would you be interested in joining a team that is vital to the exciting future of SimpSocial? Check out the open positions with Team RAD here. We’re hiring.

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