Desking a Car Deal in Five Easy Steps and Under a Minute

When purchasing and selling cars, some things are a given. A desking is when pricing, payment, and financing arrangements are agreed upon. Desking has always been a protracted, arduous procedure. Despite not liking it, consumers have come to tolerate it because it has become standard in the retail car sector. Fortunately, advances in technology have made the desking process quicker, simpler, and more efficient, which is appealing to both customers and dealers. In addition to offering suggestions for streamlining the retail automobile desking procedure, this article will lead you through a five-step, technology-enabled process for desking a vehicle purchase in less than 10 seconds.


The Customary Automotive Desking Method


Even if you have years of experience working in the retail automotive sector, you have undoubtedly experienced a desking procedure on the customer side of the equation at least once. Desking takes a lot of time when seen from the standpoint of the consumer. There are several steps and various participants. Even though the procedure is essential, things have changed. More significantly, consumer behavior has altered.


So many facets of our lives are now quicker, simpler, and more organized because of technology. As a result, expectations among consumers have drastically changed, particularly when it comes to purchasing goods.


Consider this. How many clicks are required to make a purchase on Amazon? One? Two? It can take none, believe it or not. You may either purchase a membership or just say, “Hey, Alexa. The toilet paper is gone.


While buying toilet paper isn’t nearly as big or expensive as buying a car, customers are accustomed to and demand this kind of quick, simple, and simplified buying procedure in all facets of their shopping experiences. Customers become irritable when they are forced to wait for hours in a dealership as their salesman repeatedly gathers at the desk with the car F&I manager to crunch the numbers that will determine their financial futures. They occasionally even refuse to buy, and this isn’t always because of the cost, conditions of payment, or financing. It’s because of the negative encounter. Keep in mind that customers are used to a smooth, quick, and quick purchasing transaction. They lack the patience or the time for what seems to be theatrics. (Never blame us. Jeff Bezos is to blame?


The conventional method of desk arrangement also strains a dealership’s internal assets. At least one team member must spend hours off the floor as a result of the traditional desking approach. Additionally, when many automobile sales are conducted concurrently, those team members and floor hours soon accumulate.


A Better Method


The correct automobile financing software will assist your dealership’s procedures while speeding up the process of getting consumers to sign and drive. SimpSocial Finance Management System is the most suitable retail automobile technology. This is why.


Dynamic Payments ensures that your dealership’s online offers, promotions, and digital marketing are updated every day depending on existing and incoming inventory. This is the first step in a SimpSocial technology-enabled transaction. In this manner, potential clients will always have access to your best online offerings. Customers have more control and transparency over precise pricing, payments, and terms thanks to real-time data.


Then, SimpSocial Digital Retail integrates seamlessly with your website’s VDP to provide those customers all the information they require to decide to buy at the exact time of interest. Additionally, this enables the consumer to finish various aspects of the desking procedure before entering the dealership.


Transact, a product of SimpSocial, replaces in-store workstations by combining many old software platforms into a single end-to-end transaction that can be handled by a single person. Yes, you did read that right. SimpSocial Transact creates a guided, linear path to speed up the sales process by removing the need for clients to contact different systems or team members in order to select the ideal car and offer. Customers may plainly see the lender branding and view actual offers from actual lenders.


We now understand that putting into practice such a profoundly disruptive technology will have an influence on much more than simply the consumer experience. In order to examine current procedures and make sure that the SimpSocial Finance Management System is implemented in support of them, our Consulting division collaborates closely with dealers.


During the implementation of our technology, several dealers switched to one-price sales models. A vehicle must be sold at a predetermined, non-negotiable price under the one-price auto dealership model, which is also known as no-haggle, upfront, or value pricing. This technique automates the sales process, minimizing the amount of time buyers must wait in the “hot seat” before receiving the keys to their new vehicle. Because everyone is aware of the price upfront, there is no back and forth on it.


Insights: Understanding the One-Price Model in Dealership Pricing Strategy


The majority of these one-price dealerships also make the switch to a SPOC strategy. The one-price sales model and this approach work well together to provide a smooth shopping experience for the customer. Efficiency is a major benefit of SPOC selling since only one person handles the whole process, including car selection, test drives, financing, closing, and delivery. Instead of being handed from one team member to the next, customers deal with one individual.


5 Simple Steps for Desking a Car Deal in Less Than 10 Seconds


I’m good. Let’s go back to SimpSocial Transact, where the miracle of desking an automobile sale happens in little more than 10 seconds. The five-step technology-enabled desking approach we use for a quicker, simpler, and more organized in-store transaction is our secret sauce.


First, choose a vehicle.


Your consumers will find it simple to choose the automobile of their dreams and receive price information promptly with the correct automotive retail software. Your inventory is integrated with SimpSocial Transact, ensuring that each car and each change are recorded. For precise pricing around the clock, the selling price of the automobile is updated in real-time, including Bookout values for used cars. This guarantees that customization and payment choices are always perfect. Customers may purchase any automobile in SimpSocial, even if it isn’t currently in stock, by just providing a VIN and some basic pricing information. It is that simple.


Customize Payment and Options in Step 2


Consumers of today are used to comparison shopping. The infamous “Priceline effect” has forced dealers to adopt a more open business model where clients may view their financing alternatives from top lenders at the beginning of the transaction.


Customers who are shopping for a car receive offers from banks and lenders rather than the dealer when using desking software like SimpSocial Transact. The customer’s trust is increased by the transparency, selection, and comparison effects. In a conventional dealership, the salesperson would stand up, approach the boss’ desk, maybe with a printout, and request the math. It is rare to hear about lenders. You may show and modify these offers in real time using SimpSocial. It offers the flexibility to create loan programs so that dealers may show particular lenders and programs or all lenders and programs, and it interfaces with other digital retail systems like Marketscan. The state, dealership, OEM, and consumer can all customize fees, taxes, rebates, protection goods, extras, and trade-ins. Here’s an illustration:


A consumer may quickly insert a new down payment amount into digital desk software to reflect a cheaper monthly payment. If the sum and terms were changed in a conventional dealership, the salesman would have to make another desk visit.


A consumer may become confused if they are left to question what is happening throughout such a pricey transaction (e.g., “Are they talking about me? Is this a decent deal? “). Customers can question why they can’t speak to the person behind the counter personally, not to mention the time it takes to go back and forth. You may calculate the results in front of the consumer using SimpSocial. The consumer has control over the process, everything moves more quickly, and they have access to all the data they require to make a choice.


After all the customizing, the automobile is easily interchangeable at several price ranges. The transaction need not be restarted. In order for salespeople to make quick adjustments, SimpSocial Transact strives to store clients’ information progress. You may be in the middle of making payments when you drop another automobile in and continue. On the payment screen, you can continue where you are, change the car, and proceed. This reduces the amount of time-consuming labor and increases client confidence.


Complete the credit application in Step 3


Customers may complete and update the credit application directly at the dealership or online with SimpSocial Transact, which is another time-saving benefit of digital retail software.


We gather all the data needed to compute fees accurately since we know what each state requires, giving customers and dealers precise payment information at the moment of the transaction.


Dealers can easily keep track of deals with SimpSocial Transact. All of the deals in the queue as well as the deal jacket are visible on the dashboard. Salespeople may monitor the deals they’re in charge of, and management can view all active deals, update markups, and correct problems at any time.


Gather signatures in Step 4


Obtaining signatures is the next to final stage in the new desking procedure. If you use digital retail software, consumers can eSign at the conclusion of the credit application from any location that is convenient for them (unless your dealership needs paper papers).


Next, submit the deal.


The procedure has come to an end. The contract must now be submitted. One of the permitted portals for collecting loan applications is RouteOne, and the SimpSocial platform interfaces with it (connection with DealerTrack will be made available shortly). You don’t need to create a separate RouteOne account because SimpSocial connects with it. Your whole client, deal structure, and vehicle data are automatically sent into RouteOne.


Important information is also sent to the DMS at the same time. For the customization to meet your procedures and preferences, there are a few configuration choices where the data is delivered into the DMS.


The Verdict: Sell More Cars in Shorter Amount of Time


Almost all dealers would concur that time is equivalent to money. Significant changes to boost productivity, sell more automobiles, and satisfy consumers are presented by cutting down on desking time. For us at SimpSocial, it’s more about “working with the customer” than “working the desk.” Making the procedure for the client quick, easy, and clear demonstrates your regard for their time and your desire to deliver excellent service. Additionally, it cuts down on the amount of time your salesmen spend with each client, freeing them up to assist additional clients with the same effective service.


Improving speed and transparency in the in-store experience is one of the greatest and best chances accessible. Improving customer experience is the current battleground for dealers trying to increase their market shares. Dealers, salespeople, and consumers all gain from streamlining the desking process. Your sales force will quickly catch up with the support of our Consulting group’s training and practical assistance.

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