Dealership advertising and the Robot Uprising

Future predictions throughout history have frequently focused on convenience and effectiveness.


The mass production of commodities was a result of the industrial revolution. Accessibility to the outside world increased with the growth of the car sector.



Global connections between people, ideas, and products were made feasible by the advent of the digital age.


Advertising is, of course, getting increasingly automated. In fact, research indicates that by 2023, spending on automated marketing and advertising might total up to $25.1 billion yearly. When you consider how it improves targeting effectiveness and budget performance, it is simple to see why.


Planning is made simpler by automation, which frequently anticipates our needs. With the advent of automation, measurement has improved, enabling advertisers to enhance performance. Automated bid changes direct more of your budget toward ads that are doing well.  This makes future planning and ad purchase decisions clear-cut and simple.


The artificial intelligence of the advertising industry is better than most humans in comprehending human behavior. It closely monitors all of our internet activity to identify our unique interests and purchasing patterns. While interacting with customers, it records and examines every aspect of that contact. This data is used to match the most pertinent customers with digital ads.



You could be asking yourself, “What about authenticity?” at this point. Will advertising appear manufactured and impersonal if it is powered by machines? But because of its better targeting, automation can actually promote authenticity. This enables companies to better target their advertising to elicit a response from consumers. Everyone benefits when companies reach their desired laser-targeted audiences and consumers receive the messaging they desire for topics in which they have already expressed interest.



Contrary to what is portrayed in the media, the world will not be ruled by dystopia or artificial intelligence in the future. It’s not even close to assuming control of all advertising. There will always be a need for tact and human interaction. To produce advertisements that effectively express their message, dealerships still need personnel who are familiar with their business and their objectives. Furthermore, integrating that message into a comprehensive marketing plan is far from simple.



The future of automation is simply using it as a tool to reduce some of the tedious job, which is less dramatic. Make use of it to customize communications, maximize financial resources, and boost business efficiency, giving your staff more time to concentrate on other ways to promote your company.

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