CRO Testing: Allow Users to Help You Enhance Your Website

What does the website for your company primarily serve?


You want to increase the number of visitors who become paying clients so that you can make money, right?


Collecting their website clicks is one of the most crucial phases in bringing these potential consumers into your sales funnel. Visitors are more likely to convert if they click more often. Therefore, one of the main objectives of digital marketing is to optimize every little detail of your website in order to promote more clicking and, consequently, increase the number of conversions into actual paying consumers.


Describe CRO.


We refer to this as CRO, or conversion rate optimization. Your conversion rate will increase the more parts of your website you test, keeping the ones that work the best. Testing headlines, colors, calls to action, and other choices are recommended.


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Let’s examine a case in point. In this traditional A/B test, we examine many iterations of the same site piece to see which generates the most conversions.


On a vehicle dealer’s inventory page, this is the primary call-to-action button that we are examining. “Conversion” is defined as clicking this button to send a form asking for more details about the car.


The initial button is blue and says, “Click for a Custom Quote.” The second button next to it says, “Appraise your trade-in.”


To determine which version generates the most conversions, we will test the original against two alternatives.


Since there are fewer options to click on, we start by changing the button with the copy “Send Me Today’s Best Price” and deleting the “appraise your trade-in” button, which we know from agency experience performs well on car dealer websites. This will be the initial iteration.


The second version is the same as the first, except the button is colored green instead of the other colors found on the website, making it stand out more.


To test all of the buttons at once, each of these variations will be distributed to randomly chosen website users. Testing at a different time or day prevents the data from being distorted.


We can select the top button and permanently add it to the website after one of the variations significantly boosts conversions to the degree of statistical certainty we want.


The CRO Test’s Findings

We have gathered enough information after a few weeks to choose a winner. The variations’ conversion rates are as follows:


Initial: 88%

Send Me the Best Price for Today: Blue: 89%

Send Me the Best Price for Today: Green: 91%

We can be confident that the green button is the best option because it has the highest conversion rate and a statistical confidence level of 99%. We will therefore permanently add this button to the website.


allowing users to improve your website

The best thing about CRO testing is that it removes the need for you to rely just on intuition; instead, your website visitors will tell you which version of the site they prefer, providing you the opportunity to immediately address their needs and convert them into paying customers.


Although you might like the blue button, more paying clients will choose the green button, which will ultimately boost your revenue. Just consider the amount of money you would eventually lose if you just used the original button variation.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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