Creating Online Trust

However, according to Autotrader’s 2023 report, 80% of shoppers are now willing to complete their purchase entirely online, and 70% say that they are more likely to buy from a dealership if they can begin the process at least in part online. Just before the pandemic, 81% of consumers surveyed stated that they intended to complete their purchase in person*.

Due to low inventory and unpleasant user experiences, customer satisfaction scores have decreased at the same time as consumers report spending more time shopping online.  As a result, it should come as no surprise that consumer demand for open and trustworthy vendors and services is at an all-time high.


Without the advantages of face-to-face human engagement made possible by in-person visits to the dealership, it can be difficult for dealers to establish trust and retain loyal customer relationships.


The answer is customized business development and customer interaction, both online and over the phone, that is well-coordinated with efficient online procedures to reduce the trouble for the customer.


It is crucial to partner with the proper SimpSocial to enable quick and efficient customer engagement that starts establishing trust with the customer at the very beginning of their journey. This is important for both customer happiness and conversion.


The key to the company’s success is its tried-and-true process for establishing trust with customers over the phone, which has helped it become the fastest-growing and most successful in the sector. / SimpSocial (888) 829-1110

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